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Differences and changes in the physical characteristics of professional and amateur rugby union players  (2013)

D J Smart

Numerous studies have highlighted differences between playing levels and positions in rugby union; however few studies have investigated longitudinal progressions of body composition and physical... read more

The Costs of Physical Inactivity: Toward a regional full-cost accounting perspective  (2013)

Market Economics Limited

Physical inactivity is a serious public health issue in New Zealand, as it is in many other countries of the world, causing significant economic costs. Local government plays an important role in... read more

Summary Report: Opportunities and Challenges for Peri-Urban Recreation in New Zealand’s Fastest Growing Cities  (2013)

Adrian Field

This report focuses on the opportunities and challenges for recreation in peri-urban areas of three New Zealand cities: Auckland, Hamilton, and Tauranga. The research focuses on the perspectives of... read more

Opportunities and Challenges for Peri-Urban Recreation in New Zealand’s Fastest Growing Cities  (2013)

Adrian Field

As New Zealand’s urban population has grown, so too has the number of people living in the transition zone between rural and urban. These ‘peri-urban’ areas are often key sites of... read more

Competing loyalties in sports medicine: Threats to medical professionalism in elite, commercial sport  (2013)

Lynley Anderson

This paper explores the ways in which the environment of elite-level and, in particular, commercial sport produces expectations and pressures on sports doctors that may compromise their professional... read more

Playing the shell game: the Faustian bargain for Dunedin's stadium  (2013)

Dan Porter

This paper discusses the complex and complicit financial arrangements enabling the construction of a stadium for the Rugby World Cup. It investigates how costs and debt can be deliberately obscured... read more

Seasonal and locational variations in children's play: Implications for wellbeing  (2013)

Christina R Ergler

Physical activity, through independent outdoor play, has come to the fore as a way to improve children’s health through it fostering healthy mental and social as well as physiological... read more

Toward a Hawke’s Bay High Performance Sporting Pathway: Converting Talent into High Performance  (2012)

Marcus Agnew

Hawke’s Bay Institute of Sport and Health (HBISH) would fill an existing gap in the developmental pathway toward elite sporting performance in New Zealand – exposing more talented... read more

Economic Impact of Hosting 2015 Cricket World Cup Games in the Nelson-Tasman  (2015)

Jason Leung-Wai, Kelly Dustow, Wilma Molano

The Cricket World Cup (CWC) is one of the biggest international sporting events in one day test cricket. Held every four years, the CWC attracts teams and audiences from 14 cricketing nations for 49... read more

The Non-Market Value of Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand: A Choice Modelling Application  (2013)

Peter Lee

National parks and protected areas form the basis of global conservation initiatives and provide a raft of benefits in the form of various consumptive and non-consumptive uses. However, it is... read more

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