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Understanding success in the Green Prescription programme: a qualitative investigation into patient perspectives on physical activity  (2009)

Lil Convery

Background: Exercise referral programmes (such as the Green Prescription community programme) are a popular and effective way of increasing the physical activity of primary care patients who at risk... read more

Getting kids active by participating in sport and doing It more often: focusing on what matters  (2012)

Sandra Mandic

Background Reduced time dedicated to physical education and free play in recent decades emphasizes the need to promote opportunities for sport participation in adolescents in order to increase... read more

School playgrounds and physical activity policies as predictors of school and home time activity  (2011)

Rachael W Taylor

Background Previous work has suggested that the number of permanent play facilities in school playgrounds and school-based policies on physical activity can influence physical activity in children... read more

Evaluating the (Your Country Here) Olympic Medal Count  (2013)

Stephen Seiler

An Olympic Games is a measurable test of a nation´s sporting power. Medal counts are the object of intense scrutiny after every Olympiad. Most countries celebrate any medal with national glee... read more

Exploring Players' Perceptions About Alcohol: The Impact of Alcohol on the Rugby Team Culture  (2011)

Phillip Scott Kahu-Kauika

New Zealand club rugby has had a strong tradition of alcohol consumption. Research internationally and within New Zealand has presented rugby as a sport where alcohol consumption is prolific and... read more

The acute effects of weight training on softball throwing velocity  (2007)

Kevin M Sheehy

The short-term enhancement of physical performance known as post-activation potentiation could be exploited in the design of sport-specific training sessions. The purpose of this study was to compare... read more

Swimming in Christchurch: how the industry was affected by the earthquakes  (2013)

Janine Gainsford

Throughout 2010 and 2011, the city of Christchurch, New Zealand, suffered a series of devastating earthquakes that caused serious damage to the city. This study examines the effect these earthquakes... read more

Performance, physiological, and perceptual effects of wearing graduated compression stockings during running  (2008)

Robert Creasy

Purpose: The aims of these studies were to examine the effects of wearing different grades of graduated compression stockings (GCS) on performance, physiological, and perceptual measures before... read more

Classification and evaluation of player performance in netball using cluster analysis  (2011)

Ann Willcox

In any team sport the success or failure of that team depends on performances of its individual players in their respective roles, and the effectiveness of interactions between players as they work... read more

Hormone-mediated strategies to enhance training and performance  (2010)

Christopher Martyn Beaven

Rugby union is a highly competitive and physically demanding contact sport in which successful outcomes rely, inherently, on strength, power, speed, and endurance. Resistance training is a potent... read more

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