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Are Auckland hospitality organisations ready to maximise benefits of the Rugby World Cup 2011?  (2012)

Brian Kang (Young Rang)

Since the first Rugby World Cup (RWC) was held in 1987, co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand (NZ), it has evolved into the third largest major international sport competition after the Olympics and... read more

Moving bodies beyond the social/biological divide: Toward theoretical and transdisciplinary adventures  (2012)

Holly Thorpe

In this paper I call for ‘new forms of thinking and new ways of theorizing’ the complex relations between the biological and social in sport and physical culture. I illustrate the... read more

A psychophysiological comparison of on-sight lead and top rope ascents in advanced rock climbers  (2012)

Simon Fryer

Research suggests that lead climbing is both physiologically and psychologically more stressful than top rope climbing for intermediate performers. This observation may not be true for advanced... read more

Action sport NGOs in a neo-liberal context: The cases of Skateistan and Surf Aid International  (2013)

Holly Thorpe

Sport nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) have flourished in the contemporary moment, particularly situated within neoliberal global politics. In this article we focus on the relatively recent... read more

Effect of body suits on performance, drag, and energy cost of swimming  (Unknown)

David L Pease

Full Body Suits (FB) have been claimed by swimwear manufacturers to reduce passive drag in swimmers by as much as 10% compared to normal suit (N). However, manufacturer’s claims have not been... read more

The cardiovascular effect of regular exercise training in adolescents with type 2 diabetes  (2007)

James Baldi

The goal of the study was to determine a) the cardiovascular consequence of adolescent type 2 diabetes vs. obesity and b) whether exercise training could prevent these consequences. We found Type 2... read more

Playing the shell game: the Faustian bargain for Dunedin's stadium  (2013)

Daniel Porter

This paper discusses the complex and complicit financial arrangements enabling the construction of a stadium for the Rugby World Cup. It investigates how costs and debt can be deliberately obscured... read more

Physical activity measurement in New Zealand children  (2010)

Louise Foley

Accurate assessment of physical activity is paramount in determining the effectiveness of interventions, as well as for population monitoring. Self-report tools are often used for large-scale... read more

Developing a method to examine decision-making and physical demands of football refereeing  (2006)

Chris Button

The aims of this project were to assess and relate the physiological and decision-making demands of football refereeing in a natural performance environment. Five FIFA qualified referees wore GPS... read more

Energy and Protein Requirements of Elite Endurance Athletes  (2009)

Anna K. Rolleston

Background The energy cost of endurance exercise is significant and the ability to consume enough food to maintain energy balance is critical for success. In addition maintenance of body protein... read more

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