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This section includes abstracts of completed and published research. This section encourages the submission of a wide range of research publication types from conference PowerPoint presentations to peer-reviewed journal articles and including publications in draft and in press.


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Effect of hyperoxic supplemented interval training on endurance performance in trained cyclists  (2010)

Andrew E Kilding

Training while inspiring hyperoxic gas (increasing O2 availability) is a relatively novel strategy which allows athletes to train at a higher intensity and may possibly improve physiological... read more

Participation events and sustained, increased levels of physical activity  (2010)

Geoff Dickson

Physical (in)activity remains a significant public health issue in most countries including New Zealand.  In recent years participation in large sporting events, aimed at mass participation, has... read more

Recent immigrants’ recreation experiences of outdoor nature-based settings in New Zealand  (2010)

Brent A Lovelock

This study contributes to the very limited body of research that addresses recreational behaviours of migrants and ethnic minorities in New Zealand – with a focus on nature-based recreation... read more

‘Planting the seed’: Family preferences, experiences and benefits associated with outdoor recreation in Aotearoa/New Zealand  (2010)

Arianne C Reis

There is a dearth of published research informing an in-depth understanding of recreational experiences of families in the outdoors, particularly when cultural values may be and influence on activity... read more

Relationship of hip strength to running mechanics in children aged 9 to 14 years  (2010)

Kelly Sheerin

Background: Weakness of hip musculature that stabilises the lower leg may lead to poor lower limb alignment during running and subsequent injury. Aims/objectives: To conduct a pilot study to... read more

Guidelines for the planning, development and design of walking tracks in New Zealand  (1995)

R L Hutchings

This dissertation traces the history of the development of recreation walkways and tracks and changing use patterns and user groups in New Zealand’s protected natural areas. The manner in which... read more

National Facilities Strategy for Aquatic Sports  (2013)

Jackie Fanning

  Sport New Zealand (Sport NZ) commissioned this study to provide guidance and direction in the development of facilities for aquatic sports on a national basis. The National Facilities... read more

Activity Guides  (2013)

Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health has published three (of a series of five) physical activity guides covering cycling, going to the gym and walking. These guides are aimed at people who want to learn more about... read more

Examination of the visual search characteristics of netball players  (2010)

Chris Button

Whilst the eye movements made by athletes have been examined in a range of sports (e.g., baseball, soccer, cricket, basketball, volleyball) there is little information available concerning the visual... read more

Managing a best-of-N tournament – a case study of the 2008 World Croquet Federation Golf Croquet World Championship  (2010)

Jennifer Clarke

To date there has been little published research on the duration of games and matches in sports in which competitions are played in a best-of-N format. There is also no published research on the... read more

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