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The influence of a topical cooling accelerant on the thermoregulatory responses to exercise in the heat  (2009)

Nicholas Gant

Fatigue often occurs during strenuous exercise in the heat due to high rates of heat production and storage. An excessively high body temperature, or exercise-induced hyperthermia, can be prevented... read more

Outdoor Recreation Research Stocktake: Synthesis  (2010)

Kay Booth

Stocktake of exisitng outdoor recreation research. Keywords: Outdoor recreation... read more

The visitor experience at Franz Josef Glacier, Westland Tai Poutini National Park, New Zealand  (2013)

Stephen Espiner

In order to monitor the quality of the visitor experience at Franz Josef Glacier Valley, Espiner Consulting (Ltd) was commissioned by the Department of Conservation (DOC) to develop and implement a... read more

Monitoring the effects of aircraft over-flights on visitors to the glaciers, Westland Tai Poutini National Park: A report presenting results from the 2013 visitor survey  (2013)

Stephen Espiner

Documented assessments of the effects of aircraft over-flights on visitors to Westland Tai Poutini National Park date back to 2000, following the development of a nation-wide standard operating... read more

Monitoring of mountain bike activity within the Poulter Valley 2007 – 2010  (2011)

Department of Conservation

The Arthur’s Pass National Park Management Plan allowed a three-year trial of mountain biking up the Poulter valley to the Trust / Poulter Hut. This document outlines the monitoring programme... read more

Ulva Island visitor survey 2012  (2013)

Michael Harbrow

This report summarises the results of a survey of 383 visitors to Ulva Island, Rakiura National Park carried out by the Department of Conservation during February 2012. The key... read more

Planning for older adults: Experiences in physical activity  (2013)

Kate Biddlecombe

The New Zealand population, like many other Western countries, is currently experiencing an ageing phenomenon. Increased life expectancy, declining fertility rates and the ‘baby-boomer&rsquo... read more

Interpreting the significance of protected areas: A case study of how recreationists value the Craigieburn and Castle Hill conservation areas, Canterbury, New Zealand  (2012)

Merrilyn E Grey

The Craigieburn and Castle Hill (Kura Tawhiti) conservation areas, located 100 kilometres west of Christchurch, are situated in a region characterised by snow-capped mountains, shingle slides, beech... read more

Social dimensions of national park use: a case study of summertime visitation to Arthur's Pass National Park  (1995)

Stephen Espiner

The visits people make to national parks are products of their various social characteristics, early and current experiences, motivations, perceptions, and attitudes. These visits, however, also... read more

Making up one's mind in the outdoors. Decision making and the genesis of judgement  (2001)

Marty Beare

Increasing numbers of individuals are training for careers as outdoor-adventure leaders. Decision-making training delivered by programmes of outdoor leadership is informed predominantly by classical... read more

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