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This section includes abstracts of completed and published research. This section encourages the submission of a wide range of research publication types from conference PowerPoint presentations to peer-reviewed journal articles and including publications in draft and in press.


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Effective professional learning in physical activity  (2007)

Kirsten Petrie

This milestone report is the fourth and final for the research project ‘Evaluative research on the impact of effective professional learning in curricular and co-curricular physical activity in... read more

Rights of public access for outdoor recreation in New Zealand  (2006)

Kay Booth

This thesis explores the nature of public access rights for outdoor recreation in New Zealand. It aims to improve understanding of these rights by examining the New Zealand public policy framework... read more

Introduction to special section on bodies in motion: Sport, health, physical activity and physical education  (2004)

Clive Pope

The article focuses on health and physical education. Rachel Saunders presents a narrative that typifies many sporting communities in this country. Her story illustrates the nature and influence that... read more

Exploring the meaning of outdoor recreation in participants' everyday lives : a qualitative study of outdoor recreationists  (2003)

Bruce Hills

There is a lack of research into the meanings that outdoor recreation experiences, settings and activities have for the recreationists. This study used a qualitative approach to explore the meaning... read more

2013 Agencies for Nutrition Action (ANA) National Conference presentations online (including physical activity, sport and recreation topics)  (2013)

Agencies for Nutrition Action

The 2013 ANA National Conference was held on the 8-9 May 2013. The theme of the Conference was “It starts with us: Ma Matau E Timata…” The programme and copies of keynote... read more

Quality of Life Survey 2012 Six Councils Report  (2013)

Report for Quality of Life Project prepared by ACNielsen

The 2012 Quality of Life survey was a partnership between six New Zealand Councils. The survey aims to measure respondents’ perceptions in several domains, including... read more

Auckland Council research strategy and priority research areas 2013 – 2016  (2013)

Research, Investigations and Monitoring Unit, Auckland Council

The purpose of this strategy is to provide direction for Auckland Council’s research activity in alignment with the council’s priorities. Specifically, this strategy recognises the... read more

Retrospective Injury Epidemiology of Strongman Athletes  (2013)

Paul Winwood

This study provides the first empirical evidence of strongman training and competition injury epidemiology. Strongman athletes (n=213) (mean ±SD: 31.7 ±8.8 y, 181.3 ±7.4 cm... read more

The strength and conditioning practices of strongman competitors  (2011)

Paul Winwood

This study describes the results of a survey of the strength and conditioning practices of strongman competitors. A 65-item online survey was completed by 167 strongman competitors. The subject group... read more

Interrelationships between strength, anthropometrics, and strongman performance in novice strongman athletes  (2012)

Paul Winwood

The sport of strongman is relatively new; hence, specific research investigating this sport is currently very limited. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationships between... read more

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