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This section includes abstracts of completed and published research. This section encourages the submission of a wide range of research publication types from conference PowerPoint presentations to peer-reviewed journal articles and including publications in draft and in press.


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From sport to health and back again: Investigating the effects of policy change on regional sports trusts  (2011)

Rebecca Keat

Policies aiming to enhance sport participation and physical activity are prone to change and highly influenced by shifting government priorities. This thesis intended to investigate the effects... read more

‘Club versus country’ in rugby union: tensions in an exceptional New Zealand system  (2010)

Camilla Obel

In contrast to the global reach and popularity of the association game, rugby union enjoys the position of being the national sport of New Zealand. This position is sustained by an exceptional model... read more

New Zealand’s 2011 Rugby World Cup: A Tourism Perspective  (2012)

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

This report investigates the impact of the 2011 Rugby World Cup on New Zealand’s tourism industry. Information in this report expands on tourism information included within the Host Nation... read more

The Stadium of Four Million, Rugby World Cup 2011: The New Zealand Experience  (2012)

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

New Zealand’s commitment to hosting the Rugby World Cup in 2011 included producing a report summarising our experience. Keywords: Rugby World Cup 2011; New Zealand... read more

Effect of caffeine supplementation on metabolism and physical and cognitive function in female intermittent games players  (2012)

Jemma May O'Donnell

Purpose: To investigate the effects of caffeine ingestion on metabolism and physical and cognitive performance in female team-sport players taking a monophasic oral contraceptive. Method: In a... read more

Health and performance-related effects of whole body vibration training  (2012)

Nuttaset Manimmanakorn

Whole body vibration (WBV) is a relatively new tool used by some practitioners to improve health. Vibration is now widely used in sport science, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation. WBV is applied via... read more

Characteristics and development of strength and power in Rugby Union  (2012)

Christos Kostas Argus

Rugby Union is a contact sport where successful performance relies on players possessing a combination of strength, power, speed, aerobic and anaerobic fitness, along with technical skills and... read more

Swimming in Hawke’s Bay: Application of the River Values Assessment System (RiVAS and RiVAS+)  (2012)

Kay Booth

This report presents the results from an application of the River Values Assessment System (RiVAS) for river swimming in the Hawke’s Bay Region. A workshop was held on 18 October 2011 to apply... read more

Playing with ethics?: A Foucauldian examination of the construction ethical subjectivities in Ultimate Frisbee  (2012)

Hamish Robert Crocket

Links between instrumental rationality and problematic sporting subjectivities are well established (e.g., Beamish & Ritchie, 2006; Donnelly, 1996; Hughes & Coakley, 1991). In recent years... read more

(Self-) surveillance and (self-) regulation: living by fat numbers within and beyond a sporting culture  (2012)

Jennifer Ann McMahon

This paper utilises Foucault’s theory of disciplinary power and concepts of surveillance, regulation and technologies of the self. The concepts are used to explore practices that we associate... read more

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