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The effect of the recovery duration between warm-up and competition on physiological and psychological markers in well-trained football players  (2013)

Terry O'Donnell

Purpose: Football players at the elite level are required to cease warming up 20 minutes prior to matches commencing (Blatter & Linsi, 2003). Since a duration of 15-20 minutes may cause muscles... read more

The effects of carbohydrate loading 48 hours prior to a simulated squash match  (2012)

Aaron Raman

Squash is a high-intensity, intermittent racket sport that is played by over 15 million people worldwide (Eime & Finch, 2002). Unlike other racquet sports such as tennis, squash has had limited... read more

The impact of education and employment on the sport-related drinking motives of professional footballers: a study of National Rugby League and New Zealand Super Rugby players  (2013)

Michael Luck

The Athlete Drinking Scale (ADS) measures an athlete’s sport-related motives for drinking alcohol (Martens, Watson, Royland & Beck, 2005). To date this scale has only been utilised with... read more

Development, reliability and effectiveness of the Movement Competency Screen (MCS)  (2012)

Matthew Kritz

Movement competency and subsequent production of muscular power is a fundamental concern for sport and health professionals when considering an athlete’s long-term athletic development and... read more

Responsibility for children's physical activity  (2012)

Keri-Michele Cox

As a consequence of the potential individual and social benefit associated with children being physically active, many large scale physical activity campaigns have been developed and implemented with... read more

"Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing", Vince Lombardi (1959) : a case study of the winning ethos and organizational culture of the All Blacks (1950-2010)  (2012)

Thomas William Johnson

Organizational culture has been defined as, “a pattern of shared basic assumptions learned by a group as it solved its problems of external adaptation and internal integration, which has worked... read more

The gendering of sports news: An investigation into the production, content and reception of sports photographs of athletes in New Zealand newspapers.  (2012)

Susan Scott-Chapman

This study investigates the selection, content, meaning and reception of photographs of sportswomen featured in New Zealand newspapers, in order to establish the relationship between media... read more

School engagement in the Project Energize health intervention programme. 'What works, what does not work, what next?'  (2012)

Anna Maria Mrkusic

Rates of overweight and obesity have continued to rise amongst primary school children including those in New Zealand, with higher prevalence in non-European children and those living in more... read more

Rethinking teaching in physical education: A case study of research based innovation in teacher education  (2012 )

Shane Pill

This paper focuses on the significance of physical education teacher education (PETE) in the diffusion of ‘new’ thinking about sport teaching in physical education. It explores issues... read more

The Cost of the Game? The Cost of a Game (Poster)  (2013 )

Andre Milne

This study focused on amateur rugby in the Wellington Rugby Football Union (WRFU). The research examines the financial performance of rugby clubs in the union with a particular focus on the nature of... read more

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