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This section includes abstracts of completed and published research. This section encourages the submission of a wide range of research publication types from conference PowerPoint presentations to peer-reviewed journal articles and including publications in draft and in press.


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The role of action sports in post-disaster recovery  (2013)

Holly Thorpe

A spate of recent natural disasters has prompted many scholars working in the social sciences and humanities to examine the economic, social and psychological impact of natural disasters, such as... read more

Food, fizzy, and football: promoting unhealthy food and beverages through sport – a New Zealand case study  (2013)

Mary-Ann Carter

High participation rates in sport and increasing recognition of how diet benefits athletic performance suggest sports settings may be ideal locations for promoting healthy eating. While research... read more

A study into the effects of events on outstanding natural landscapes: A balancing act  (2011)

Paul Spurdle

The report focuses predominantly on whether sport-related events are impacting the human-based values of outstanding natural features and landscapes in the Rotorua District and whether... read more

Never too old to be active: investigating the health benefits of older adults being physically active  (2012)

Deborah MacRae

Background: With the expected growth in the older adult population there is increasing concern as to how health care and health systems will be affected. This concern is driven by the greater... read more

RiVAS (and RiVAS+): Insights and lessons from 5 years’experience with the River Values Assessment System  (2012)

Kenneth Hughey

The River Values Assessment System (RiVAS and RiVAS+) are tools that enable regional councils and others to ‘objectively’ and systematically evaluate rivers in their regions for their... read more

A Method for Inferring Batting Conditions in ODI Cricket from Historical Data  (2011)

Scott Brooker

This paper is part of a wider research programme using a dynamic-programming approach to modelling the choices about the amount of risk to take by batting and bowling teams in One Day... read more

What's so good about being there? Negotiating the audio visual chasm between attending the live event and reading the televised media sport experience  (2011)

Margaret Henley

The televised sports event offers ease of reading for the dedicated sports fan and layers of accesible information for the casual viewer. It makes good commercial sense to offer a safe viewing... read more

Guidelines on physical activity for older people (aged 65 years and over)  (2013)

Ministry of Health

This Guideline gives five key recommendations to help older people live longer, healthier lives. These recommendations are: to be as physically active as possible and limit sedentary behaviour; to... read more

The 'trickle down effect' of top level sport: myth or reality? A case study of the Olympics  (1994)

Anne Hindson

Various benefits of Olympic involvement, commercial, political and sporting are explored. With respect to sporting benefits, the claim that involvement in the Olympics leads to ‘trickle... read more

Sport development and physical activity promotion: An integrated model to enhance collaboration and understanding (in press)  (2013)

Katie Rowe

As inactivity and obesity levels continue to rise, calls are being made for sport development action to be further directed towards capitalising on the value of community participation for health and... read more

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