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Class, conflict and the clash of codes : the introduction of rugby league to New Zealand : 1908-1920  (2008)

William Greenwood

Rugby league was introduced to New Zealand in 1908 by players desirous of playing a game generally considered to be faster and more skillful than rugby union. Even before its introduction, there were... read more

Determinants of inter-partner learning in an alliance between a national sporting organisation and a professional sport franchise  (2008)

Paul Cleary

  This research explores the determinants of inter-partner learning in alliances. The potential for organisations to learn from their alliance partner is well recognised in the literature. The... read more

He iti hoki te mokoroa: Maori Contributions to the Sport of Rugby League  (2012)

Phillip John Borell

The aim of this thesis is to explore the influences and contributions of Māori to the establishment and development of the sport of rugby league in New Zealand. The overarching question of this... read more

Decision Making and Intuition of Outdoor Leaders  (2013)

Mohammad Shah Razak

  Decision making theory has been applied to many facets of professional and group behaviour. However, in the field of outdoor leadership, it is still an emerging theory. Although there is... read more

The Societal Costs and Benefits of Commuter Bicycling: Simulating the Effects of Specific Policies Using System Dynamics Modeling  (2014)

Alexandra Macmillan

Background: Shifting to active modes of transport in the trip to work can achieve substantial co-benefits for health, social equity and climate change mitigation. Previous integrated modeling of... read more

The Future of Fitness  (2009)

Suzie Dale

This White Paper – commissioned from The Nielsen Company by Les Mills International and Better by Design – brings together data, expert opinion and informed speculation to form a view of... read more

Development through Sport: The ‘Indianisation’ of Cricket and its Potential for Development  (2012)

Jerram Bateman

Cricket was introduced to India through British colonialism in the 18th Century, and became cemented in Indian culture and identity following independence in 1947. More recently, processes of... read more

Measuring sport sponsorship effectiveness: links to existing behaviour  (2008)

Ron Garland

The expanding role of sponsorship in the communications mix has generated increased attention to, debate about, and demand for effective measures. Yet there is no universally accepted approach to... read more

Holism in sports coaching: beyond humanistic psychology: a commentary  (2013)

Lynn Kidman

A commentary on the article Holism in Sports Coaching: Beyond Humanistic Psychology authored by Tania Cassidy originally published in 2010 by International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching... read more

Wellington Rugby Football Union Junior Rugby Review  (2012)

Wellington Rugby Football Union

At its September 2011 meeting the WRFU Rugby Board was requested to: “Commission an Independent Strategic Review of the Governance of Junior Club and Primary Schools Rugby under the... read more

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