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This section includes abstracts of completed and published research. This section encourages the submission of a wide range of research publication types from conference PowerPoint presentations to peer-reviewed journal articles and including publications in draft and in press.


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Whitewater Kayaking in Hawke’s Bay: Application of the River Values Assessment System (RiVAS)  (2012)

Kay Booth

This report presents the results from an application of the River Values Assessment System (RIVAS) for whitewater kayaking in the Hawke’s Bay Region undertaken in April 2010. This is the... read more

Outdoor Recreation in the Lives of Young New Zealanders  (2012)

Sue Walker

As part of a survey of over 17,000 young people (five to 18 years old) throughout New Zealand, information has been captured about a range of activities that take place in the  outdoors... read more

He Oranga Poutama: What have we learned? A report on the developmental evaluation of He Oranga Poutama  (2012)

Kate McKegg, Nan Wehipeihana, Kataraina Pipi and Veronica Thompson

He Oranga Poutama (HOP) is a Sport NZ (formerly SPARC) initiative that supports Māori wellbeing through sport and recreation. In 2009, the programme evolved from a focus on increasing the... read more

'Against the grain': over 75 years and joining a community exercise programme  (2012 )

Bevan Grant

This study explores the meanings that 22 men over 75 years attributed to their experience when joining a community exercise programme. Information gathered via interviews was analysed by inductive... read more

Enhancing coach-parent relationships in youth sports: Increasing harmony and minimizing hassle: A commentary  (2011 )

Clive Pope

The “athlete triangle” remains a valuable heuristic to coaches, coach educators and parents. The interactions between coaches, parents and athletes are both mutual and influential... read more

Critical financial issues facing grass roots sports clubs  (2012 )

Carolyn Cordery

There is no doubt that the economic downturn has impacted the not-for-profit sector generally, but the poor state of the economy should not be allowed to overshadow the critical financial issues... read more

Case study of Northern United Rugby Football Club (photo story)  (2012 )

Anne Dowden

This photo story was developed by Research NZ and based on a case study completed by Research NZ with Northern United Rugby Football Club, Porirua, in 2010.   It provides a visual... read more

Happy 21st Birthday Sport Education: Where are we now?  (2007 )

Clive Pope

The Sport Education curriculum model turns twenty-one years old this year. And like any birthday there should be opportunity to reflect on the past, confirm and celebrate the present and to consider... read more

The influence of perceived risk in outdoor education among pre-teen age schoolchildren: Perspectives from EOTC teachers, Boards of Trustee Parents, and Outdoor Education Providers  (2011 )

Mark Orams

Anecdotal evidence and several high-profile fatalities associated with outdoor recreation have led some to believe that New Zealand parents and teachers are becoming more risk averse. Outdoor... read more

Case study of Northern United Rugby Football Club  (2011 )

Anne Dowden

For those supporting, participating and working in sport and recreation, it is important that the value of sport and recreation can be articulated in both dollar and social terms, in order to retain... read more

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