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This section includes abstracts of completed and published research. This section encourages the submission of a wide range of research publication types from conference PowerPoint presentations to peer-reviewed journal articles and including publications in draft and in press.


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Addressing the different information needs of diverse visitors to Arthurs Pass National Park  (2012 )

Carla Catherine Vieira Avendaño

The New Zealand landmass encompasses a vast diversity of wilderness areas, including fourteen national parks and other conservation lands. These natural environments attract a large number of... read more

A cross-cultural look at Celebrity Sports Endorsement  (2012)

James Culbreath

Celebrity endorsers have dominated advertising for many years (Cho, 2010). Their ability to cut through advertising clutter has contributed to their effectiveness as persuasive advertising sources... read more

Talent Development in the New Zealand Context  (2012 )

Ken Hodge

The purpose of this project was to gain an in-depth understanding of the performance factors necessary for talent development in the New Zealand (NZ) sporting context from the perspective of: ... read more

Tourism Activity – Cycle Tourism (Tourism Sector Profile)  (2009 )

Ministry of Tourism (now Ministry of Business, Innovation adn Employment)

This report provides an overview of cycle tourism in New Zealand including trends and characteristics of cycle tourists. Cycling, both road cycling and mountain biking, is a popular tourist activity... read more

The FREED framework for community sports injury prevention implementation in New Zealand  (2009 )

Simon Gianotti

The primary objective of the research underpinning this thesis has been to develop a framework that supports the implementation of community sports injury prevention programmes. Despite the wide... read more

Review of Swim and Survive programmes to provide a more unified approach  (2012 )

Alan Issac

Providing Swim and Survive programmes is the responsibility of a number of organisations and agencies in New Zealand. Prior to Swim and Survive programmes many people referred to ‘learn to... read more

Young Maori perceptions of a youth development programme  (2011 )

H Hollis

Project K is a youth development programme that targets young people aged 14 15 years with low self-efficacy. It is run by the Foundation for Youth Development. Story-tellingstyle interviews that... read more

Boys Go Bush: Lived Solo Experiences at Tihoi Venture School  (2011)

John R. Maxted

Boys Go Bush elucidates the lived experiences of adolescent males encountering a two-day, two-night solitary experience (solo) in the New Zealand bush. A hermeneutic phenomenological inquiry... read more

'Club versus country' in rugby union: tensions in an exceptional New Zealand system  (2010 )

Camilla Obel

In contrast to the global reach and popularity of the association game, rugby union enjoys the position of being the national sport of New Zealand. This position is sustained by an exceptional model... read more

Women's experiences in the gendered environment of outdoor education in Aotearoa New Zealand  (2012 )

Anna Jones

This study researches women’s experiences working in the gendered environment of Outdoor Education within the Aotearoa New Zealand context.   Outdoor Education in Aotearoa New Zealand has... read more

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