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This section includes abstracts of completed and published research. This section encourages the submission of a wide range of research publication types from conference PowerPoint presentations to peer-reviewed journal articles and including publications in draft and in press.


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The influence of foreign players on the transformation of Japanese rugby over the last three decades.  (2004)

Sakata, Hiroshi

This thesis explores the influence of foreign players on the transformation of Japanese rugby over the last three decades. Foreign players first had an impact in company league teams and, more... read more

The Cultural Politics of Proprietorship: The Socio-historical Evolution of Japanese Swordsmanship and its Correlation with Cultural Nationalism  (2012)

Bennett, Alexander Campbell

This thesis provides a detailed socio-historical analysis of the evolutionary process of traditional Japanese swordsmanship (kenjutsu) from the inception of distinct martial schools (bugei-ryuha) in... read more

Parent and Caregivers Perceptions and Attitudes towards Children's Physical Activity and Physical Education – Results of a NZ Primary Schools Physical Activity Project  (2009)

Cowley, V

The role of parents as a positive influence on children’s attitudes towards, and participation in, physical activity through their support, encouragement, provision of opportunities to... read more

The America’s Cup 2007: The Nexus of Media, Sport and Big Business  (2009)

Grellet, Jared Peter

Over the past twenty years, the America’s Cup has grown into a significant media event in the New Zealand public sphere. This thesis focused on the New Zealand print media coverage of the 2007... read more

Constructing a Traitor: How New Zealand Newspapers Framed Russell Coutts' Role in the America's Cup 2003  (2007)

Gajevic, Slavko

This thesis investigates how the news media constructs reality through newspaper representation of the role of a hero in society and a hero’s loyalty to the nation. The research is based on a... read more

Implementing the Samoa Secondary Schools Health and Physical Education Curriculum: A Peg in the Ground. “O Le Ma’a Tulimanu Sa Lafoai’ina E Tufuga”  (2010)

Rasmussen, Dawn Therese

The aim of this qualitative case study was to examine how the teachers in Samoa were implementing the Samoa Secondary Schools Health and Physical Education Curriculum and to assess what problems the... read more

Negotiating ‘Modernity’ on the Run: Migration, Age Transition and ‘Development’ in a Training Camp for Female Athletes in Arusha, Tanzania  (2008)

Taylor, Aline Marie

Sports have recently been incorporated into international development agendas in a bid to ‘empower’ women and foster gender equality. Considered a masculine domain, sports are argued to... read more

Can a physical education intervention with Year 2 children influence their perceptions, knowledge, and choices about physical activity? : a research project report.  (2003)

Smith, Joanna

The purposes of this study were to examine (a) what views Year 2 hold about physical activity, (b) how they perceive their own ability, and how much effort they give, with regard to physical... read more

Olympism Education:Teaching and learning Olympism in a New Zealand secondary physical education programme  (2010)

Thorn, Sandra Anne

As a physical education teacher educator and Olympic educator I have become conscious that many physical education teachers have heard of Olympism, but are confused about what it encompasses... read more

'Club versus country' in rugby union: tensions in an exceptional New Zealand system  (2010)

Camilla Obel

In contrast to the global reach and popularity of the association game, rugby union enjoys the position of being the national sport of New Zealand. This position is sustained by an exceptional model... read more

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