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Experiences that have contributed to forming attitudes towards physical education : research project report.  (2004)

Cowan, Jackie

As a result of discussion about attitudes towards physical education with first year primary pre-service teachers it can be acknowledged that there are diverse degrees of competence and attitude... read more

Where has all the physical education gone? Results of a generalist primary schools teachers' survey on teaching physical education  (2011)

Cowley, V,

Concerns about low levels of children’s physical activity and motor skill development, prompted the Ministry of Education to trial a physical activity pilot project (PAPP) in 16 New Zealand... read more

Assembling high performance: an actor network theory account of gymnnastics in New Zealand.  (2010)

Kerr, Roslyn Fiona

During every summer Olympic Games, the sport of gymnastics rises briefly to the world’s attention as the public admire the incredible skills and feats performed by fit muscular bodies on a... read more

He iti hoki te mokoroa: Maori Contributions to the Sport of Rugby League  (2012)

Borell, Phillip John

The aim of this thesis is to explore the influences and contributions of Māori to the establishment and development of the sport of rugby league in New Zealand. The overarching question of this... read more

Choosing an endorser for a women's sporting event: the interaction of attractiveness and expertise  (2008)

Cunningham, G.B

This study drew from the match-up hypothesis and associated learning theory to examine the effects of athlete attractiveness and athlete expertise on (a) endorser-event fit, (b) attitudes toward an... read more

'Sports and other signs of civilisation' in colonial Canterbury, 1850-1890  (2002)

Vincent, Geoffrey Thomas

This thesis explores the development of sport in Canterbury between 1850 and 1890 and the significance of a number of factors, including class, in that process. Each province in New Zealand developed... read more

Better, Stronger, Faster Explaining the Variance Between Professional and Amateur Anti-Doping Policies  (2007)

Brakeley, August Kashiwa

The world of sport has recently been inundated by stories of doping. These reports are not limited to a select few individuals or sports, but seemingly are spread across sports. At first, it was... read more

An imperceptible difference: visual and textual constructions of femininity in Sports Illustrated and Sports Illustrated for Women  (2002)

Fink, J.S

The success of female athletes in the 1996 Olympics brought with it a great deal of optimism that women in sport would finally receive acceptance for their athletic talents. This optimism was... read more

The Culture of the wild: an exploration of the meanings and values associated with wilderness recreation in New Zealand  (2009)

Wray, K. A.

In the latter half of the 20th Century, New Zealand’s wilderness resource developed iconic status at the national and international scales, and now represents highly significant social... read more

Leisure policy in New Zealand and Malaysia: a comparative study of developments in sport and physical recreation  (2005)

Aman, Mohd Salleh

This comparative study assessed the usefulness of the convergence thesis as a tool for understanding developments in leisure, recreation and sport in New Zealand and Malaysia. The study examined the... read more

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