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This section includes abstracts of completed and published research. This section encourages the submission of a wide range of research publication types from conference PowerPoint presentations to peer-reviewed journal articles and including publications in draft and in press.


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Valuing the benefits of public goods to meet the requirements of the Local Government Act in New Zealand  (2000)

Saunders, Caroline

The Local Government Amendment Act (No 3) requires Local Authorities to consider the distribution benefits from publicly provided services in relation to their expenditure and financing. This is... read more

A New Zealand perspective on value transfer  (2011)

Kerr, Geoffrey N.

This presentation provides a New Zealand perspective on value transfer. It covers the current value transfer market, with a practitioners view on supply and demand, environmental values, and the... read more

What New Zealanders think about marine recreational fishing  (2004)

Kerr, Geoffrey N.

Opinions run hot on the future management of New Zealand’s marine recreational fisheries. There is much at stake. Recreational fishers spend about one billion dollars a year targeting the five... read more

"They're not including us!" : neighbourhood deprivation and older adults' leisure time physical activity participation  (2008)

Annear, M. J.

Population ageing and the tendency for older adults to have poorer health status than younger adults have raised concerns about potential increases in the number of elderly suffering disease and... read more

Tena koe, no ngati skateboarder ahau – understanding this unique urban culture in any CBD  (2012)

Patterson, David

Skateboarding is the sixth most popular sport amongst adolescent boys aged 12-17, with about 20% participating in it (based on a study of 1704 participants by Richards, Reeder and Darling (2004))... read more

Real and simulated altitude training: physiological and performance effects  (2012)

Manimmanakorn, Apiwan

The use of altitude training has long been of interest to enhance sea-level performance in athletes. Living at altitude and training at sea-level is claimed to be the most effective approach compared... read more

Parent and caregivers perceptions and attitudes towards children’s physical activity and physical education: results of a NZ primary schools physical activity project.  (2009)

Cowley, Vicki

The role of parents as a positive influence on children’s attitudes towards, and participation in, physical activity through their support, encouragement, provision of opportunities to... read more

Where has all the physical education gone? Results of a generalist primary schools teachers’ survey on teaching physical education  (2011)

Cowley, Vicki

Concerns about low levels of children’s physical activity and motor skill development, prompted the Ministry of Education to trial a physical activity pilot project (PAPP) in 16 New Zealand... read more

Amateurs, cash amateurs and professionals : a social and cultural history of bicycle racing in New Zealand, 1869-1910  (2010)

Toohey, Michael Sean

The thesis explores the early history of bicycle racing in New Zealand, from its introduction in 1869, until the major decline of public interest in bicycle racing on specially constructed oval... read more

Contributing factors toward an understanding of local sport club partnerships: A study of partnership forming behaviour in Australia, Canada and New Zealand  (2008)

Burley, Peter

Due to complex and dynamic economic, social and community pressures, there is increasing merit in local sports clubs pursuing partnerships. The purpose of this research is to examine the dynamics of... read more

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