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This section includes abstracts of completed and published research. This section encourages the submission of a wide range of research publication types from conference PowerPoint presentations to peer-reviewed journal articles and including publications in draft and in press.


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Advancing an integrated leisure research strategy for New Zealand: an analysis of the perceived research needs and priorities of stakeholders in the arts, outdoor recreation, sport and community recreation sectors  (2010)

Annear, Michael;

This report describes a programme of research that seeks to advance the development of an integrated leisure research strategy for New Zealand. The research aims to assess current research... read more

You\'ll be a man if you play rugby : an examination of the role of sport in the social construction of gender.  (2000)

Ferguson, Graeme William

This research project, a case-study of the organised sports programme of an urban New Zealand secondary school, uses a feminist theoretical framework to examine how sport operates as a mechanism for... read more

The absence of fatherhood: achieving true gender scholarship in family tourism research  (2011)

Schänzel, HA

The lack of research into fathers on holiday is a reminder that understandings of masculinities and gender relations in tourism are absent compared to other disciplinary areas. Research on family... read more

What is the role of joint coupling variability and joint stiffness in lower limb injury?  (2011)

Maulder, Peter Scott

Netball requires direction changes whilst sprinting, which predisposes netballers to risk of injury. The main question this thesis addressed was “What is the role of joint coupling variability... read more

What influence does brand image and brand reputation have towards achieving a sustained competitive advantage in the sports apparel industry?  (2007)

Sweeney, Brett

The purpose of the research was to investigate the contribution of brand image and brand reputation towards the creation of a sustained competitive advantage (SCA) in the sports apparel industry. The... read more

The physical demands of elite men’s field hockey and the effects of differing substitution methods on the physical and technical outputs of strikers during match play  (2008)

Lythe, John

Research has indicated that teams who cover greater distance during matches and complete more basic tasks such as passes, tackles and shots are more successful. Identifying means of increasing these... read more

Physical profiling of Rugby Union players: implications for talent development  (2011)

Smart, Daniel James

Rugby union is high-intensity contact based team sport that requires players to possess a diverse range of physical attributes. Numerous studies have highlighted differences in physical... read more

Game analysis in Rugby Union  (2008)

Agnew, Marcus

Due to rugby’s increasing level of professionalism, rugby union performance analysis is in a rapid state of evolution. Coaches, media, administrators and players are demanding greater access to... read more

America’s Cup sailing: Biomechanics and conditioning for performance in grinding  (2009)

Pearson, Simon Nathaniel

Grinding is integral to tacking and gybing manoeuvres in America’s Cup sailing. Grinding is a standing position cyclic upper body task requiring manual arm cranking of winches, which control... read more

Māori leadership: what role can rugby play?  (2007)

Te Rito, Patrick R

Despite considerable interest driving prominent studies over many decades’ leadership theory and research remains one of the least understood topics. Leadership is still mysterious and complex... read more

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