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Blurring the boundaries of sports public relations: National stereotypes as sport announcers’ public relations tools  (2008)

Desmarais, Fabrice

Live media coverage is a key element of the relationship between a sport and its publics. The role of television producers, including announcers, is to connect effectively with the public, creating... read more

Understanding problematic sporting stories: Narrative therapy and applied sport psychology  (2006)

Denison, Jim

In this paper we examine how postmodernism can inform the practice of sport psychology. More specifically, we will discuss how a therapeutic approach known as “narrative therapy” can... read more

Physical education and sport in schools: policies and pedagogy  (2010)

Penney, Dawn

This special issue of European Physical Education Review directs attention to the exploration of contemporary relationships between physical education (PE) and sport in schools from pedagogical... read more

Speaking the unspoken: Racism, sport and Māori  (2010)

Hippolite, Holly Raima

In this paper, we consider the silence that surrounds issues of racism in New Zealand sport. We argue that the intersection of two key ideologies – New Zealand’s purported history of good... read more

Olympism practised through sport: An insight from youth  (2011)

Stevens, Susannah Ruth

This study investigates nine youths’ understanding of Olympic Ideals (Olympism) and their perceptions on whether these ideals have importance within the practice of sport. A qualitative case... read more

Dynamic Incentives in the Sport of Kings  (2006)

Boyle, G

Can the reputational incentives that arise in a dynamic setting mitigate standard agency problems, as Fama (1980) suggests? We examine this issue using data from the horse racing industry, where... read more

Disability,Physical Education and Sport: Tom talks  (2012)

Morrison, Catherine Mary

Normative discourses of disability, gender and human development inevitably contour a young person’s physical education and sport experience. If schooling is to meet the needs and interests of... read more

Monitoring performance of elite rowers  (2011)

Smith, Tiaki Brett

This thesis represents five studies of measurement and monitoring of elite rowers during periods of intensive training and competition. The first study established the smallest worthwhile effect and... read more

Commercialising national identity: a critical examination of New Zealand's America's Cup campaigns of 1987, 1992 and 1995  (2006)

Evans, Bryn

This thesis analyses forms of New Zealand national identity constructed in conjunction with successive America’s Cup campaigns in 1987, 1992 and 1995. It is argued that New Zealand national... read more

Effect of caffeine on simulated intermittent high-intensity sport performance  (2004)

Stuart, Gene R

Caffeine is now an unrestricted ergogenic aid for competitive athletes. Previous reviews of caffeine’s effects on exercise performance have been limited to qualitative analysis. The purpose of... read more

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