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Sport as a vehicle for development: The influence of rugby league in/on the Pacific.  (2009)

Stewart-Withers, Rochelle

In the field of development the relationship between development and sport has for the most part been ignored (Beacom 2007, Levermore 2008). When it has been discussed it occurs in a way whereby... read more

Tackling Māori Masculinity: A Colonial Genealogy of Savagery and Sport  (2004)

Hokowhitu, Brendan

The primary aim of this paper, then, is to deconstruct one of the dominant discourses surrounding Mäori men—a discourse that was constructed to limit, homogenize, and reproduce an... read more

Claiming space in sport: Opening wide the doors to sporting success  (2008)

Bruce, Toni

With a new millennium comes time to reflect on where we have been and where we are going. There are many stories of New Zealand sportswomen’s success that should be celebrated, and there is... read more

Plato makes the team: the arrival of secondary school sport academies.  (2002)

Pope, Clive C.

Since sport captivates many young people in Aotearoa New Zealand, it is not surprising that it is being situated in a new form of educational setting. This is evidenced through the emergence of... read more

Inter-iwi sport can strengthen cultural identity for urban Māori  (2011)

Mato, Wiremu Tekehukehu

Inter-hapū (inter-subtribe) Māori (indigenous peoples of New Zealand) sports events, usually held within rural regions, attracts affiliates from all around Aotearoa/New Zealand for a chance to... read more

Women, sport and the media: A complex terrain  (2008)

Bruce, Toni

In this chapter I examine coverage of women’s sport, exposing the ways in which the sports media can simultaneously challenge and reinforce dominant assumptions that sport is primarily a male... read more

Pacific Island women, body image and sport  (2005)

Schaaf, Michelle R

This article analyses the representation of Pacific women from an Orientalist theoretical framework. The analysis traces prominent representations of Pacific women within early colonial and Christian... read more

Non market valuation in New Zealand: 1974 through 2005  (2007)

Yao, Richard

Non-market valuation (NMV) is recognized as an essential tool in policy decision making worldwide. In this paper, we investigate the history of NMV, specifically in relation to New Zealand (NZ), by... read more

Paid to paddle: 'Living the Dream' in the New Zealand sea kayaking industry  (2011)

Wheeler, Gareth

Work, leisure and lifestyle have long been areas of study and interest to researchers and of more than passing interest to the “ordinary person on the street”. In contemporary society... read more

Rights of public access to the foreshore : a study of public awareness and opinions  (2004)

Doody, Brendan J.

This study examines the way a sample of Christchurch residents use the foreshore for outdoor recreation, how they perceive their access rights and what they think about proposed foreshore and access... read more

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