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This section includes abstracts of completed and published research. This section encourages the submission of a wide range of research publication types from conference PowerPoint presentations to peer-reviewed journal articles and including publications in draft and in press.


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A crucible of competition and cooperation: Where do the concepts fit in recreation activity delivery?  (2004)

Little, Donna E.

The prevailing use of competitive activities in leisure, sport and recreation continues to inspire debate as people question the value, influence and outcomes of competitive behaviour for... read more

Opening Up the Outdoors: A Case Study of Young Children's Outdoor Experiences in One Childcare Centre  (2009)

Stephenson, Alison

“Let’s go outside” is where I began: I became intrigued by how often I saw evidence of children’s enthusiasm for the outdoors when I visited centres as a supervisor of early... read more

Weaving the threads of education for sustainability and outdoor education  (2010)

Irwin, David Brian

Sustainability has become a buzz word of our time, although our developed world community is still coming to terms with what the word really means. Universities and polytechnics in Aotearoa New... read more

The relative efficacy of three recovery modalities following professional rugby league competition matches  (2011)

Webb, Nicholas Paul

Achieving a balance between training and competition stresses and recovery is important in maximizing the performance of athletes. Specifically, following contact sport where the degree of muscular... read more

Injuries in rugby league: incidence, influences, tackles and return to play decisions  (2010)

King, Douglas Alistair

Rugby league is an international collision sport. Players complete physically demanding activities such as running, tackling and passing which often result in musculoskeletal injuries. Injury rates... read more

Evolving connectionist systems for adaptive sport coaching  (2008)

Bacic, B

Contemporary computer assisted coaching software operates either on a particular sub-space of the wider problem or requires expert(s) to operate and provide explanations and recommendations. This... read more

Head injury prevention in alpine skiing and snowboarding: critical review of literature and analysis of NZ snow sports injury epidemiology – technical report for the coroner’s office  (2011)

Hume, PA

Objective To inform the Coroner’s inquest into alpine skiing and snowboarding fatalities regarding the magnitude of the head injury problem in alpine skiing and snowboarding in New Zealand, and... read more

Strongman: strength and conditioning practices, and the inter-relationships between strength, anthropometrics and performance  (2011)

Winwood, Paul William

The sport of strongman is relatively new hence specific research investigating this sport is currently very limited. Elite strongman competitors can pull trucks weighing over 20 tonnes, yet no... read more

Can a cross training program improve rugby skills in adolescent male rugby players?  (2008)

Marnewick, Michel

The purpose of this study was to find whether cross training could improve male adolescent rugby skills. Three major sports (soccer, basketball and wrestling) were selected to form the base of the... read more

RugbySmart: the development, delivery and evaluation of a nationwide injury prevention programme  (2008)

Quarrie, Kenneth Lincoln

This thesis represents my research work relating to rugby union from 2000 to 2007. During this time I was the Manager of Injury Prevention and Research for the New Zealand Rugby Union (NZRU). The... read more

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