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This section includes abstracts of completed and published research. This section encourages the submission of a wide range of research publication types from conference PowerPoint presentations to peer-reviewed journal articles and including publications in draft and in press.


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The Strategic Development of High Performance Sport in New Zealand  (2012)

Joe Hitchcock

  The strategic development of high performance sport in New Zealand is challenging, complex and ever-changing. This report analyzes the political, economic, social and technological influences... read more

What’s the real value of sport to New Zealand? infographic  (2012)

Grant McLean

Sport NZ has produced a printable infographic poster summarising the key facts and messages from the national Economic and Social Value of Sport and Recreation research completed late 2011.  ... read more

Family-oriented non-competitive outdoor recreation events and on-going participation  (2012)

Robyn Zink

The main aim of this study was to examine the role family-orientated non-competitive outdoor recreation events play in on-going participation in outdoor recreation. This study contributes to an... read more

CM Active Final Evaluation Report: 2009-2011  (2012)

Adrian Field

This is the final report in a three year evaluation of CM Active, a community based programme aimed at increasing physical activity, sport and recreation opportunities in high needs areas of Counties... read more

New Zealand Volunteers: A Snapshot  (2010)

Charbonneau, J., Brennan, M. & Hercus, A.

Responses from over 1700 volunteers in four charities and six sporting organisations from Wellington and Christchurch. Two very different profiles emerged. The typical charity volunteer was female... read more

Effects of intermittent hypoxic exposure on physical performance in trained basketball players  (2009)

Dobson, B. P.

Strong evidence exists to support the use of a continuous (>8hr/day) hypoxic stimulus (either geographical altitude or simulated hypoxia) for enhancing the physical performance of endurance... read more

Transport-related physical activity, health outcomes, and urban design: descriptive evidence  (2007)

Badland, H. M.

Environments that support physical activity (PA) engagement are now seen as an important part of the solution for accumulating daily physical activity which confers health benefits, particularly... read more

Time-Motion analysis and physiological profile of elite New Zealand touch players during competition  (2010)

Ogden, T. M.

Background: Currently, New Zealand elite Touch players are ranked in the top two countries around the world in all three playing grades (Men’s, Women’s and Mixed). As of January 2010, New... read more

Major sports events and their ability to benefit local sports clubs: A case study of the Auckland professional tennis tournaments  (2011)

Hoskyn, K. A.

Tennis clubs suffer as participation declines. The increasing popularity of the casual ‘pay-for-play’ concept results in further decrease in membership for complacent sport clubs. Yet... read more

Competitive surfing: a physiological profile of athletes and determinants of performance  (2010)

Farley, O. R. L.

Despite a huge growth in competitive surfing there is still a paucity of research available to underpin assessment and conditioning practice. Limited research investigating surfers’ aerobic and... read more

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