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This section includes abstracts of completed and published research. This section encourages the submission of a wide range of research publication types from conference PowerPoint presentations to peer-reviewed journal articles and including publications in draft and in press.


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Nature conservation: information, costs, and evaluation  (2007)

Cullen, R.

Public understanding of conservation is flawed in New Zealand and the level of threat to species and ecosystems is poorly understood. Pursuit of conservation goals is costly. We invest resources and... read more

Public Sector: Central Government Benefits and Costs of Tourism  (2007)

Cullen, R. et al

This report describes the national public sector direct inputs, and outline society’s indirect inputs, into tourism production and consumption. The public sector and societal benefits that... read more

Conservation biology of bottlenose dolphins in Fiordland, New Zealand  (2008)

Currey, R. J. C.

The bottlenose dolphins of Fiordland, New Zealand, live at the southern limit of the species’ worldwide range. They are exposed to impacts from tourism and habitat modification, particularly in... read more

The Spirit of the Hills: Mountaineering in Northwest Otago, New Zealand 1882-1940  (2000)

Davidson, L.

A defined geographical region and time period is used to examine the growing popularity of mountaineering in relation to its social and cultural context. The study draws on oral histories, diaries... read more

Qualitative Research and Making Meaning of Adventure: A Case Study of Boys' Experiences of Outdoor Education at School  (2001)

Davidson, L.

This article details the process and analysis of a case study, conducted over a six week period, involving an outdoor education class in an all-boys Catholic, New Zealand secondary school. The... read more

A Mountain Feeling: the Narrative Construction of Meaning and Self Through a Commitment to Mountaineering in Aotearoa/New Zealand  (2006)

Davidson, L.

Mountaineering is commonly associated with feats of daring in a landscape of extreme danger. Past theories of mountain climbing, and other adventurous leisure activities, have predominantly focused... read more

Environmental values of consumptive and nonconsumptive marine tourists in the South Island of New Zealand  (2003)

Dawson, J.

Just as opinions, preferences, religions, and beliefs range dramatically from person to person, so does the way in which individuals value the natural environment. Some people see the environment as... read more

Towards a better network of visitor facilities: National public resource document  (2003)

Department of Conservation

Visitor facilities in conservation areas, such as huts, tracks, bridges and picnic areas, are provided for the use of the recreational visitor and, in some cases, the tourist. The challenge for the... read more

Review of camping opportunities in New Zealand  (2006)

Heritage Appreciation Unit, Research, Development & Improvement, Department of Conservation

The sale and subsequent closure of iconic coastal campgrounds has attracted significant public attention over recent years. This trend appears to be increasing as development pressures on the coastal... read more

International stock take of risk management and safety in the adventure and outdoor commercial sectors  (2010)

Department of Labour

This stock-take has been prepared to inform the 2009-10 review of risk management and safety in the adventure and outdoor commercial sectors in New Zealand being led by the Department of Labour. It... read more

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