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Stock-take of risk management and safety provisions in the adventure and outdoor commercial sectors in New Zealand  (2010)

Department of Labour

To support the review of risk management and safety in the adventure and outdoor commercial sectors in New Zealand, the Department of Labour (DOL) has undertaken a stock-take of risk management and... read more

The development of commercial New Zealand ecotourism: A longitudinal study (1999-2004)  (2005)

Dickey, A. L.

The New Zealand tourism industry lacks a rich breadth of information that is evident in other countries with a major ecotourism focus. This is despite the importance of the natural environment and... read more

The Crystal Ball Issue 17 (Volume 1)  (2009)

Mountain Safety Council

This issue of the Crystal Ball includes: 2008 Avalanche Accident Damage Summary Otago Polytechnic Staff Development Leave Outcomes Keywords: Avalanche, Mountain, Parks, Rescue, SAR, Injuries... read more

Are snowboarders more likely to damage their spines than skiers? Lessons learned from a study of spinal injuries from the Otago skifields in New Zealand  (2005)

Donald, S., Chalmers, D. & Theis, J. C.

Aims. The aim of this study was to determine the incidence, nature, and circumstances of spinal injuries caused by skiing and snowboarding at the Otago skifields and treated at Dunedin Hospital... read more

Visitor experience at the Waitomo Glowworm Cave  (1999)

Doorne, S.

Current tourism growth policies in New Zealand suggest that issues surrounding congestion, crowding and their relationship to the quality of the visitor experience will emerge as significant problems... read more

The Effects of Human Activities on Stream Water Quality: Case Studies in New Zealand and Germany  (2005)

Doyle, P. N.

Three case studies explore the effects of human activities on coastal streams and review measures to control the negative consequences of human activities. The first case study, an urban and a... read more

How eco is nature-based tourism?  (2006)

Eijgelaar, Eke

The ‘natural branch’ of tourism – including ecotourism, nature-, adventure- and rural tourism – has one of the highest growth rates within the ever-growing industry (Honey... read more

The phenomenon of risk and its management in natural resource recreation and tourism settings : a case study of Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers, Westland National Park, New Zealand  (2001)

Espiner, S.

The significance of risk is growing in many Western societies, a phenomenon linked to increasing individualism, personal choice, and outcome uncertainty in multiple spheres of life. Despite being... read more

Mokihinui Hydro Proposal Consent Applications: Review of Assessment of Effects on Recreation and Tourism  (2008)

Espiner, S.

This report provides a review of the assessment of environmental effects (AEE) provided by Meridian Energy Ltd (Meridian) in support of resource consent applications RC07150 (01-26) and RC07/180... read more

Likely impacts of snow grooming and related activities in the West Otago ski fields  (1997)

Wardle, K. & Fahey, B.

Concern has been expressed over the possible effects of snow grooming and related activities on vegetation and soil properties in those ski fields on Department of Conservation Recreational Reserve... read more

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