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This section includes abstracts of completed and published research. This section encourages the submission of a wide range of research publication types from conference PowerPoint presentations to peer-reviewed journal articles and including publications in draft and in press.


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Alpine stewardship: towards zero-waste mountaineering activities in Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park  (2006)

Garrard, R.

This study explores the goal of implementing a zero-waste strategy for mountaineering activities in Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park1 by disseminating an adaptive management model utilising the... read more

Family-owned nature-based resorts  (2003)

Getz, D., Carlsen, J. & Morrison, A.

This chapter presents two case studies, which cover a number of topics relevant to all family businesses as well as some specific issues related to family businesses in or adjacent to natural areas... read more


Gibson, J.

The achievement of integrated coastal zone management inevitably involves considerations of law. Whether ICZM is implemented by statutory or non-statutory means, it is important that legal principles... read more

Selection of rivers and lakes with significant amenity and recreational values  (2009)

Greater Wellington Regional Council

This report provides the basis for selecting rivers and lakes with significant amenity and recreational values identified in Appendix 1, Table 15, of the proposed Regional Policy Statement using a... read more

To hunt and return – developing safe hunting practice  (2003)

Green, J.

This paper analyses the deaths of 33 deer hunters, shot by other deer hunters while hunting in the New Zealand bush. The shot is identified as the culminating event that is preceded by a number of... read more

Open Space Strategies: Putting their money where your mouth is  (1997)

Greenaway, R.

Open Space Strategies. How do you come up with such a strategy that is highly likely to get results? In this paper I look at a few essential strategic planning concepts that relate to the management... read more

Allocating Recreation Resources Ethically  (1998)

Greenaway, R.

In this paper we will discuss concepts associated with a simple understanding of ethics. This is not a philosophical treatise, but an introduction to a few pragmatic tools that should be of use... read more

Predicting demand  (Rob Greenaway & Associates)

Greenaway, R.

This paper tests the hypothesis that a high level of provision of resources for some recreation activities is a factor in their demise. The level of provision of resources for an activity generally... read more

Using market segmentation studies to monitor and predict trends  (2001)

Greenaway, R.

We are fascinated by what the future holds. Life is uncertain and scary. When we are talking about attempting to predict the future, we are talking about reducing risk, and risk can be both... read more

Community Risk Management  (2001)

Greenaway, R.

The management of risk is a big part of a leisure manager’s job. But which risks? Our first thoughts normally go to health and safety. However, all we seem to achieve when managing safety is to... read more

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