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This section includes abstracts of completed and published research. This section encourages the submission of a wide range of research publication types from conference PowerPoint presentations to peer-reviewed journal articles and including publications in draft and in press.


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The Development of Private Rural Walkways in Rural North Canterbury  (1999)

Grocke, C.L.

Since the 1980s, agricultural restructuring has provided the impetus for farmers to turn towards rural tourism as an alternative use of their land and as a source of income. One new opportunity in... read more

Analysing an Intervention for Sideline Behaviours  (2012)

Simon Walters

This report details the evaluation of an educational intervention implemented by the Sideline Behaviour Group (SBG) in the Greater Auckland area. The group is comprised of representatives from... read more

EOTC Leader Training and Qualification Needs: Research Report  (2009)

Haddock, C., Thevenard, L., Reddish, P. & Phillips, K.

This is a report on research into the training and qualification needs of teachers leading EOTC activities, carried out in November and December 2007. The purpose of the report is to inform the work... read more

Archaeological assessment of the Otago Central rail trail : the line today  (1996)

Hamel, J.

In the first part of this assessment (Hamel 1994), a brief history of the Otago Central railway line and the available documentation was used as a background to an assessment of the physical evidence... read more

Conflict between sea–kayakers and motorised watercraft users along the Abel Tasman National Park coastline, New Zealand  (2001)

Hawke, N. & Booth, K.

The Abel Tasman National Park coastline is a mecca for water-based recreationists. Its golden beaches and clear water attract many thousands of visitors to the region each year. The area has... read more

The Law on Public Access Along Water Margins  (2003)

Hayes, B. E.

Public access to the coast, lakes, rivers and streams for all citizens of New Zealand has been a feature of New Zealand land law and practice from the earliest colonial times. The ideal has proved to... read more

Elements of the Law on Movable Water Boundaries  (2007)

Hayes, B. E.

The law relating to water boundaries in New Zealand has not been cohesively developed. Errors, confl icts, and misconceptions abound. Broadly speaking, when the legislature has dealt with water... read more

Roading Law as it Applies to Unformed Roads  (2007)

Hayes, B. E.

In New Zealand almost all roads when first legally constituted were unformed. This was inevitable in a pioneering society where the settlers’ demand for services, surveying, and access and... read more

The Crystal Ball Issue 14 (Volume 2)  (2006)

Mountain Safety Council

This issue of the Crystal Ball includes: The Year in Review Redevelopment of Avalanche Stage II Programme Search Theory for Avalanche burials Keywords: Avalanche, Mountain, Parks, Rescue, SAR... read more

The Crystal Ball Issue 15 (Volume 1)  (2007)

Mountain Safety Council

This issue of the Crystal Ball includes: 2006 Avalanche Accident and Damage Summary Perspectives on Avalanche Risk Search Theory for Avalanche SAR Keywords: SAR, Rescue, Avalanche, Accident... read more

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