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Ecotourism visitor experiences in Aotearoa/New Zealand: Challenging the environmental values of visitors in pursuit of pro-environmental behaviour  (2002)

Higham, J. & Carr, A.M.

This paper reports on a research project that examined ecotourism visitor experiences in Aotearoa/New Zealand and whether or not those experiences challenged visitors to consider environmental... read more

Sustaining Wilderness in New Zealand in the Third Millennium: Wilderness policy developments and the increasing pressures of international tourist demand for wilderness in New Zealand.  (1998)

Higham, J.E.S.

The field of wilderness management is one that demonstrates great relevance to the study of tourism. Wilderness environments are under threat by the demands of tourists. In many cases such as in New... read more

Wilderness perception scaling in New Zealand: an analysis of wilderness perceptions held by users, nonusers and international visitors  (2000)

Higham, J. E. S., Kearsley, G. W. & Kliskey, A. D.

Wilderness is a concept that has both a physical and a perceptual meaning. Wilderness images have been collected by a number of researchers in recent years in an attempt to understand precisely what... read more

Developing research and decision-making strategies as indicators for sustainable eco- or nature tourism in New Zealand  (1998)

Holzapfel, R.

This working paper examines possible means of identifying adequate strategies indicating the level of sustainability of eco- or nature tourism in New Zealand. The research relies on the presumption... read more

Present visitors’ interest in Māori cultural tourism on Banks Peninsula, New Zealand  (2008)

Horn, C., Fountain, J. & White, R.

While New Zealand is primarily seen as a place to enjoy nature and natural areas, Tourism New Zealand (TNZ) suggests there is potential for developing cultural attractions for international visitors... read more

Evolving community response to tourism and change in Rotorua  (2000)

Horn, C., Simmons, D. G. & Fairweather, J. R.

The aim of this report is to outline how the Rotorua community experiences tourism and tourism development and how they have adapted to it. The objectives are to: give an historical account of the... read more

An inventory of natural asset monitoring tools : with recommendations for visitor impact monitoring applications  (2004)

Hughey, K. F. D. & Coleman, D.

The overall goal of the study is to develop a baseline inventory of natural asset condition and impact monitoring tools that can be used to derive lists of standard tools for visitor impact... read more

Sustainable management of natural assets used for tourism in New Zealand : a classification system, management guidelines and indicators  (2003)

Hughey, K. F. D. & Ward, J. C.

Nature and recreation based activities are significant components of the tourism industry in New Zealand. Growing numbers of visitors, and the needs of statutory resource managers, have placed... read more

Public perceptions – issues in where we want rural New Zealand to head in the 21st Century  (2008)

Hughey, K. F. D.

The ongoing biennial environmental perceptions survey has been used to consider issues when setting future directions for rural New Zealand in the 21st Century. The overall state of the environment... read more

Ranking New Zealand river values – a novel approach to managing the ‘chalk and cheese’ problem  (Unknown)

Hughey, K. F. D.

In New Zealand, regional councils have the task of sustainably managing rivers and their flows. In trying to achieve this task they face enormous challenges including the need to allocate flows... read more

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