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Management of the environmental noise effects associated with sightseeing aircraft in the Milford Sound area, New Zealand  (1999)

Hunt, M.

Visitors to National Parks in New Zealand have strong expectations about their rights to enjoy recreational opportunities in natural areas free from perceived adverse effects of aircraft overflying... read more

Avalanche Incidents and Accidents 1981-1998  (1999)

Irwin, D. & MacQueen, W.

The New Zealand Mountain Safety Council has collected details of avalanche incidents and accidents since 1981. This report presents the second analysis of this amassed data (the first taking place in... read more

A History of Avalanche Accidents in Aotearoa New Zealand  (2004)

Irwin, D. & Owens, I.

This paper is based on a study for the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council which investigated the circumstances contributing to the deaths of 128 people in avalanches between 1863 and 1999. The study... read more

Issues and indicators of acceptable change : a study of visitors’ and stakeholders’ concerns about three natural attractions in the Paparoa area, West Coast, South Island, New Zealand  (2001)

Johnson, V., Ward, J. & Hughey, K.

This report presents results from visitor surveys and stakeholder interviews at three natural attractions in the Paparoa National Park. The sites were the Pancake Rocks (Dolomite Point), the Fox... read more

Leisure and Nature: understanding the Interpretation Experiences or Visitors at Leisure in National Parks  (1997)

Johnston, K. A.

The interpretation experiences on visitor in National Park visitor centres can be characterised as leisure. Through an existential process, the visitor centre is entered, interpretation explored, and... read more

New Zealand's Adventure Culture: In Hillary's Steps  (2008)

Kane, M. J.

Historically adventure has been associated with successful, yet, dangerous endeavours that expand the knowledge, wealth, reputation, or safety of society. Previous research would suggest that the... read more

Relationships between local people and protected natural areas: A case study of Arthur's Pass and the Waimakariri Basin, New Zealand  (2001)

Kappelle, R. J.

An understanding of relationships between local populations and nearby protected natural areas is necessitated by recent shifts towards socially inclusive park management. This study uses a... read more

The Value of Native Bird Conservation  (2009)

Kaval, P.

During December 2007 and January 2008, telephone surveys were used to randomly sample Waikato, New Zealand residents. The purpose of the surveys was to determine whether respondents valued native... read more

The Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust: An Economic Analysis  (2004)

Kaval, P.

In the centre of the North Island of New Zealand is a 3400 hectare forested area called Maungatautari. In the early part of the 21st century, a group of individuals felt that this land was an... read more

Land Tenure Change in the South Island High Country and Its Implications for Recreation and Tourism in New Zealand  (2000)

Kearsley, G. W. & Croy, W. G.

New Zealand’s natural environments have come under increasing recreational pressure over the past three decades, especially from overseas tourists, whose numbers have increased to almost 1.7... read more

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