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This section includes abstracts of completed and published research. This section encourages the submission of a wide range of research publication types from conference PowerPoint presentations to peer-reviewed journal articles and including publications in draft and in press.


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Impacts of Tourist Use on the New Zealand Backcountry  (1998)

Kearsley, G. W., Coughlan, D. P., Higham J. E. S., Higham, E. C. & Thyne, M. A.

New Zealand has had a long tradition of access to outdoor recreation, to a largely undeveloped back country and to extensive areas of uncrowded natural environments; outdoor recreational land is... read more

Perceptions of wilderness in the South Island of New Zealand: a multiple images approach  (1998)

Kearsley, G., Kliskey, A. and Higham, E.

The Fiordland and Queenstown regions of New Zealand’s South Island provide the focus for the country’s largest and most intensively used regional tourism complex, much of it focused upon... read more

Transfer of choice model benefits: a case study of stream mitigation  (2003)

Kerr, G. N. & Sharp, B. M. H.

Development activities place pressures on the natural environment that are very costly to avoid or remedy. In these cases, off-site mitigation may be used to address the effects of development. A... read more

Biodiversity Management: Lake Rotoiti Choice Modelling Study  (2008)

Kerr, G. N. & Sharp, B. M. H.

Invasive species are non-indigenous species that adversely affect the habitat they invade. The adverse impact can be ecological (e.g. extinction of indigenous species), environmental (e.g. altering... read more

Amenity values of spring fed streams and rivers in Canterbury, New Zealand: A methodological exploration (AERU Research Report No. 298)  (2007)

Kerr, G. N. & Swaffield, S. R.

Groundwater allocation decisions have effects beyond the enterprises and land uses for which water is used. They may influence the quantity, quality and flow of spring fed streams within the... read more

Lower Waitaki River Recreation Use Values: Report to Anderson Lloyd Cudwell.  (2004)

Kerr, G. N.

This report sought to identify the Waitaki River recreation values: “This scoping study seeks to identify the likely order of magnitude of lower Waitaki River recreation values, based on... read more

Instream Water Values: Canterbury's Rakaia and Waimakariri Rivers  (2004)

Kerr, G. N., Sharp, B. M. H. & Leathers, K. L.

This paper reports previously unpublished results from an early study of instream values associated with two Canterbury Rivers, the Waimakariri and the Rakaia. The studies utilised several... read more

Didymosphenia geminata; an example of a biosecurity leak in New Zealand  (2007)

Lagerstedt, M. A.

Didymosphenia geminata is a diatom that has been accidentally introduced to New Zealand’s South Island rivers. It has grown to bloom conditions in all rivers it inhabits, which has caused... read more

Review of satisfaction research and measurement approaches  (2000)

Latu, T. M. & Everett, A. M.

This report summarises the international literature on visitor satisfaction and its measurement. Keywords: Tourism, Satisfaction, Visitors, Survey, Department of Conservation... read more

Resource Community Formation & Change: A Case Study of METHVEN  (2000)

Little, H. M. & Taylor, N.

This paper reports the findings of a case study of Methven, mid-Canterbury. It is one of a series of three case studies of tourism communities in New Zealand that are part of a project entitled... read more

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