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This section includes abstracts of completed and published research. This section encourages the submission of a wide range of research publication types from conference PowerPoint presentations to peer-reviewed journal articles and including publications in draft and in press.


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The application of Servqual as an initial tool for the implementation of QFD for small scale tourist attractions in New Zealand  (2002)

Liu, C., Smith, R & Barnes, D.

This paper reports on the preliminary findings of a phase in an overall project to develop a structured approach to quality improvement in services provided by operators in the New Zealand tourist... read more

Menstrual waste in the backcountry  (1996)

Lynch, P.

The literature on menstrual waste disposal methods is limited and consequently little is understood about women’s management of menstruation in the backcountry. This study investigated how... read more

The study of rural change from a social scientific perspective: a literature review and annotated bibliography  (2009)

Mackay, M., Perkins, H. C. & Espiner, S.

This publication comprises a review of two decades of literature (1989-2009) on the social science of rural change. It was constructed as an aid to research on the changing nature of Central Otago... read more

Advocating for Antarctic Wilderness: Short-term Visits and Human Values  (2007)

Maher, P. T.

This research examined the nature of experience for visitors to the Ross Sea Region (RSR) of Antarctica. By monitoring visitors before, during, and after their onsite visit, using a mixed methodology... read more

Footsteps on the Ice: visitor experiences in the Ross Sea Region, Antarctica  (2010)

Maher, P. T.

Antarctica is one of the most beautiful and remote places on the planet. The moniker of being the highest, driest, coldest, iciest, windiest, most remote continent, surrounded by the stormiest ocean... read more

Antarctica: Tourism, Wilderness, and “Ambassadorship”  (2003)

Maher, P. T., Steel, G. & McIntosh, A.

Antarctica, as a continent, is one of the most beautiful, remote places on the planet. For many people Antarctica is a place of mystery, a place of historic exploration, discovery, and suffering... read more

Loving our National Parks to Death  (2005)

Mann, A.

This essay will look at the development of relations between the national tourism industry and the conservation movement as the two co-evolved om the twentieth century. Its main interest, however, is... read more

Towards the next generation of experiential education programmes: A case study of Outward Bound  (2001)

Martin, J.

Much of the literature on experiential education programmes has focussed on outcomes. However, there is a lack of empirical research linking outcomes and educational processes for experiential... read more

‘Kia angi puku to hoe I te wai’ Ocean noise and tourism.  (2009)

Martinez, E. & Orams M. B.

The overall theme of the 6th Coastal and Marine Tourism congress is “The Spirit of Ubuntu, Connecting Continents, Places and People”. “The Spirit of Ubuntu” is a traditional... read more

Critique of Roading Law As It Applies To Unformed Roads  (2007)

Mason, B. J.

This critique corrects errors, omissions and misconceptions in Roading Law As It Applies To Unformed Roads (RLAIATUR) (Hayes, 2007a), a dissertation as advice to the New Zealand Government’s... read more

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