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Recreational off-road vehicles destroying the environment, and others’ enjoyment of the outdoors  (2007)

Mason, B. J.

This paper discusses the issue of off-road vehicle damage to New Zealand’s lightly formed and unformed rural roads, as well as protected areas, and notes adverse impacts of vehicle use on the... read more

The Waitaki Valley: Its people and resources as depicted in 40 years  (2009)

Maynard, L., Perkins, C. & Taylor, N.

This bibliography comprises literature on the social, economic and land use changes arising from natural resource development in the Waitaki Valley, a region on the borders of North Otago and South... read more

An assessment of frameworks useful for public land recreation planning  (2007)

McCool, Stephen F., Clark, Roger N., Stankey, G. H.

Public land managers are confronted with an ever-growing and diversifying set of demands for providing recreation opportunities. Coupled with a variety of trends (devolution of governance and... read more

Glacier advance : the development of tourism at Franz Josef Glacier, 1865-1965  (1999)

McCormack, T.

The central theme in the development of tourism at Franz Josef Glacier between 1865 and 1965 is relationship between people and the environment in a volatile glacier valley, and the ways in which... read more

High-quality Access: A Response to the Feedback Questions That Were Attached to the Report, Walking Access in the New Zealand Outdoors  (2003)

McDonald, P.

Is it a privilege to be able to follow a foot-track across private rural land? At the heart of New Zealand’s outdoor traditions, affecting two-thirds of the country, rests the ethos that... read more

An Ill-founded Monopoly: Walkers' Exclusive Possession of All the Tracks in New Zealand's National Parks  (2003)

McDonald, P.

A submission to the Draft General Policy National Parks Act of August 2003. In 1900 the mountaineer Arthur P Harper was prospecting a gold claim just north of the mouth of the Haast River. He... read more

The Age of Submissions: Recreational Access to the Outdoors  (2004)

McDonald, P.

Geoff Chapple, writing in Te Araroa, the newsletter of Te Araroa Trust, called 2004 ‘the year of access’. ‘The Age of Submissions’ outlines eight access topics that have each... read more

Walking Access across Private Land: Behind the Soundbites  (2004)

McDonald, P.

In January 2003 the minister for rural affairs, Jim Sutton, set up the Land Access Ministerial Reference Group to study issues around access along and to New Zealand’s rivers and coastal... read more

Buskin Track (80114) and Others  (2005)

McDonald, P.

In 1989 Bruce Mason of the Otago Peninsula Walkers identified Buskin Road as being a public road. On 4 November 1991 Dunedin City Council approved the Otago Peninsula Plan for Public Access, which... read more

Maps for the People: The Mapping Issues of Walking Access in the New Zealand Outdoors  (2005)

McDonald, P.

This paper analyses the mapping issues involved in walking access to the New Zealand countryside. It mostly covers old ground, collecting together what has already appeared – scattered around... read more

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