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This section includes abstracts of completed and published research. This section encourages the submission of a wide range of research publication types from conference PowerPoint presentations to peer-reviewed journal articles and including publications in draft and in press.


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Being Muslim and doing Islam: narratives that shape the physical activity of Muslim women in New Zealand  (2013)

Nargis Ali

Muslim women in New Zealand form an ethnic and religious minority. Research related to the physical activity levels of these women and their health status is sparse, particularly in the New Zealand... read more

Facilities and management (Sport NZ)

Sport New Zealand

This research series page contains research on sport and recreation facilities and management.  This page includes facility and management research, guidance and strategies... read more

Knowledge, power and politics: Contesting ‘evidence-based’ national sport policy  (2009 )

Joe Piggin

This article analyses the sources of knowledge New Zealand sport and recreation policy-makers rely on when forming public policy. Specifically, utilizing a Foucauldian lens of governmentality, we... read more

Gaming Funding into the Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Sector 2010  (2011)


This analysis was conducted for SPARC with the aim to analyse and better understand gaming machine society funding of sport, physical activity and recreation in New Zealand. The research focussed on... read more

Outdoor Recreation (Sport NZ)

Sport New Zealand

This new research series page contains research on Sport New Zealand commissioned research on outdoor recreation. It includes the outdoor recreation research agenda 2011, and research... read more

Events (Sport NZ)

Sport New Zealand

See the latest research on the RWC 2011 Volunteer Programme on the new events research series page on the Knowledge Library. Earlier events-related research will also be made available here... read more

Sport and Recreation sector workforce to 2026  (2013)

Ganesh Nana

BERL Economics reports on the current size and make-up of New Zealand’s sport and recreation sector workforce, as well as its future outlook through to 2026. This report was commissioned by... read more

Value of sport and recreation (Sport NZ)

Sport New Zealand

A growing area in sport and recreation in New Zealand and internationally is valuing contributions made by sport and recreation to society. In this section are several Sport New... read more

New Zealand Rugby Players' Association Retired Players Research Project  (2013)


The NZRPA recently conducted a survey of former professional players with the aim of better understanding the challenges, opportunities and issues faced by players as they prepare for, and... read more

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