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This section includes abstracts of completed and published research. This section encourages the submission of a wide range of research publication types from conference PowerPoint presentations to peer-reviewed journal articles and including publications in draft and in press.


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Determinants of Outdoor Tramping Satisfaction – A Waikato Example  (2006)

Pan, S. & Ryan, C.

This paper reports results derived from 205 respondents who visited Pirongia Forest Park, New Zealand, during the summer and primarily at weekends. The study used a derivative of the Leisure... read more

The Banks Peninsula Marine Mammal Sanctuary : a recreation – conservation conflict  (1996)

Parkin, E. M.

The Hector’s dolphin Marine Mammal Sanctuary was established around Banks Peninsula, on the East Coast of New Zealand’s South Island, in December 1988. The sanctuary was established to... read more

Management of the environmental effects associated with the tourism sector  (1997)

Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment

Tourism is critical to New Zealand’s economy and depends to a large extent on environmental qualities. This report highlights the wide range of environmental effects and management problems... read more

The management of noise from aircraft overflying sensitive environments  (2000)

Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment

Overflying aircraft have the potential to adversely affect amenity values in National Parks and other areas that are highly valued for their natural character and tranquillity. Most concerns centre... read more

Just cruising? Environmental effects of cruise ships  (2003)

Burrowes, J., Klaessens, Y. & Appels, D.

An investigation into the environmental effects of cruise ships visiting New Zealand waters. The report discusses sources of environmental risk from cruise ships, including those from waste... read more

Management practice for allocation of recreational concessions.  (2000)

Parr, D.

This review examines concession management systems within and outside New Zealand, including discussion of examples in parks with high visitor use. Information on concession and recreation planning... read more

Major issues affecting the Fiordland tramping industry since 1952, using the Routeburn, Hollyford and Milford tracks as case studies.  (1995)

Patterson, L. J.

This dissertation examines the major issues affecting the tramping industry since 1952. In order to highlight these issues three tracks, the Milford, Hollyford and Routeburn, have been singled out... read more

Islands and coastal tourism: demand and supply perspectives from Samoa, Sarawak and New Zealand  (2001)

Pearce, D. G.

This paper examines the role of coastal areas and attractions in the development of tourism in three island settings from a range of demand and supply perspectives. The classic 3 ‘S’s are... read more

Gender and the Outdoors: An International Conversation  (2008)

Pinch, K. J., Breunig, M., Cosgriff, M. & Dignan, A.

Over the past two to three decades in outdoor education circles, there has been a gradual swell of interest in bringing a gender lens to the examination of issues, theory and practice within the... read more

Young Peoples Perceptions and Experiences of Physical Activity in Apia, Samoa  (2011)

Taauso Tuagalu

  Keywords:   Physical inactivity is one of the main risk factors contributing to the prevalence of lifestyle diseases in Samoa. Lifestyle diseases are now the major causes of death... read more

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