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Young Male and Female Perceptions and Experiences of Physical Activity in Apia, Samoa  (2009)

Taauso Tuagalu

  Keywords: Physical inactivity is one of the main risk factors contributing to the prevalence of lifestyle diseases in Samoa. Lifestyle diseases are now the major causes of death in... read more

Position of the New Zealand Dietetic Association (Inc): Nutrition for exercise and sport in New Zealand  (2008)

Hellemans, I. J.

New Zealand is a successful sporting nation that consistently produces world-lass athletes. In addition to the elite, many New Zealanders are involved in recreational sports and exercise. Nutrition... read more

Queen Charlotte Track user research 2004-2005  (2006)

Sutton, P.

The Queen Charlotte Track follows a 71km route along Queen Charlotte Sound and has become one of the iconic walks of the Nelson/Marlborough Region. Increasing popularity of this track has resulted in... read more

Permanent Play Facilities in School Playgrounds as a determinant of children's activity  (2010)

Nielsen, G., Taylor, R. W., Williams, S. M., Mann, J. I.

The study’s aim was to investigate whether the number of permanent playground facilities in schools influences objectively measured physical activity. Results showed that the number of... read more

Do elite sports systems mean more Olympic medals?  (2005)

Martin, S., Arin, K. P., Palakshappa, N. N. & Chetty, S.

In this paper the authors use the original data set of Bernard & Busse with the addition of a new dummy variable for countries with elite sports systems to determine the effect of these systems... read more

Active video games: The mediating effect of aerobic fitness on body composition  (2011)

Maddison, R., Mhurchu, C. N., Jull, A., Prapavessis, H., Foley, L., Jiang, Y.

Background Increased understanding of why and how physical activity impacts on health outcomes is needed to increase the effectiveness of physical activity interventions. A recent randomized... read more

Athletes doing it for themselves : self-coaching experiences of New Zealand olympians  (2000)

Bradbury, P. E.

Self-coaching in sport (athletes coaching themselves) is a little understood concept. It has not been researched or written about by academics to any great extent although practitioners from both the... read more

Psychological preparation of athletes for the Olympic context: The New Zealand Summer and Winter Olympic Teams.  (2007)

Hodge, K. & Hermansson, G.

The article discusses the psychological preparation of athletes from New Zealand who will participate in the Summer and Winter Olympic teams. The four-year cycle of the Olympic Games provide athletes... read more

Gendered coaching: The impact of gender on roles and qualities of elite women's field hockey coaches  (2000)

Edwards, M. F.

Field hockey in New Zealand is gender balanced in terms of numbers of female and male participants, but gender biased towards males, in terms of coaching appointments. The trend towards men... read more

Physical activity, sedentariness, and body fatness in a sample of 6-year-old Pacific children  (2010)

Oliver, M., Schluter, P. J., Rush, E., Schofield, G. M. & Paterson, J.

Pacific children living in New Zealand exhibit considerably higher rates of overweight and obesity than their non-Pacific peers. The study aim was to identify physical activity and sedentary... read more

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