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This section includes abstracts of completed and published research. This section encourages the submission of a wide range of research publication types from conference PowerPoint presentations to peer-reviewed journal articles and including publications in draft and in press.


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Health and Pacific Peoples in New Zealand (Third Report in the Pacific Progress series)  (2011)

Statistics New Zealand

Health and Pacific Peoples in New Zealand is the third report in the Pacific Progress series. It presents findings on Pacific peoples’ health outcomes, discusses the socio-economic factors that... read more

Tupu Ola Moui: Pacific health chart book 2012  (2012)

Ministry of Health

Tupu Ola Moui presents key indicators for Pacific health including socioeconomic determinants, risk and protective factors, health status, the health system and health service utilisation.  It... read more

Bros, Boys and Guys address term function and communities of practice in a New Zealand rugby team  (2010)

Wilson, N. Dr

This paper is a preliminary study of address terms based on a small corpus of talk bymembers of a New Zealand rugby team collected using ethnographic fieldwork. The paperfirst looks at how address... read more

Reducing weight gain in children through enhancing physical activity and nutrition: The APPLE project.  (2006)

Taylor, R. W., McAuley, K. A., Williams, S. M., Barbezat, W. & Mann, J. I.

The objective of this study was to determine whether increasing extra-curricular levels of activity through community-based lifestyle intervention could reduce weight gain in children. Study... read more

Randomised controlled trial of informal team sports for cardiorespiratory fitness and health benefit in Pacific adults  (2011)

Biddle, M. G. et al

Rates of obesity among Pacific people in New Zealand are increasing, with recent estimates indicating that 64% of Pacific adults are classified as obese compared with approximately 23% of European... read more

But sport is good for you: Exploring the complexities of keeping children in sport, and shaping a curriculum of possibilities  (2011)

Severinsen, G. L.

Children in New Zealand are dropping out of organised sport in large numbers, especially during their teenage years. This is seen by many, especially those with a vested interest in children’s... read more

An investigation into the sport needs and preferences of youth aged 13-18 years in a semi-rural community  (2012)

Dudson, M., Cummings, G., Fraser, C.

Well designed, integrated, and efficiently delivered school and community sport and recreation programmes can provide a wide range of benefits including the ability to build a healthier community. In... read more

Search and Rescue Annual Statistics Report 2001 – 2002  (2003)

New Zealand Police

The total number of searches, 1120 is slightly down from last years final total (1143). However anecdotal evidence indicates that SAR is still under-reported nationally. The Police continue to have... read more

Search and Rescue Annual Statistics Report 2002 – 2003  (2004)

New Zealand Police

This is the last year the Police annual Search and Rescue Statistics will be presented in this format. With the development of the electronic data collection form on the Police Lotus Notes system the... read more

Search and Rescue Annual Statistics Report 2003 – 2004  (2005)

New Zealand Police

This is the first year the Police Annual Search and Rescue Statistics have been collated from the electronic data collection form on Police Lotus Notes. The continued development of this form will... read more

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