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The Need for a Human Resources Development Officer for the Tourism Industry on the West Coast: A Discussion  (2006)

Rhodda, S. PhD

This report addresses the problems of unemployment, and staff recruitment, retention, education, and training in the tourism industry on the West Coast. Recommendations that a Human Resources... read more

Visitor use of the Heaphy Track  (2007)

Rhodda, S. PhD

This report was commissioned by the West Coast Development Trust to look at the current usage of the Heaphy Track, and how the track could influence and enhance the tourism industry in the Karamea... read more

Tourism for Visitors to New Zealand with Mobility Problems: a West Coast Perspective  (2007)

Rhodda, S. PhD

Tourism is New Zealand’s primary export earner, and the West Coast’s largest employer. There is a growing trend worldwide to cater to niche-tourism markets. People with disabilities... read more

Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Operator Training Needs  (2009)

Rhodda, S. PhD

In order to ensure that Tai Poutini Polytechnic headquartered in Greymouth, New Zealand develops and delivers relevant industry-based training programmes in its areas of interest, a survey looked... read more

Sperm whale watching off Kaikoura, New Zealand: effects of current activities on surfacing and vocalisation patterns (Science for Conservation: 219)  (2003)

Richter, C.F., Dawson, M. S. & Slooten, E.

Off Kaikoura, South Island, New Zealand, sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) are the focus of a whale watching industry which uses boats and aircraft to view the animals year-round. This study... read more

Critical analysis of obtaining desired outcomes from voluntary programmes (Science for Conservation: 28)  (1996)

Ringer, M.

This literature review seeks to identify factors that promote the development of pro-conservation values and behaviours in voluntary participants in conservation programmes that are sponsored by... read more

Cycle Tourism in the South Island of New Zealand  (2000)

Ritchie, B.

Despite the importance of transportation as part of the tourism system and as an important part of the tourist experience, very little research has examined the role of tourist transportation... read more

There and Back Again – A Tale of Film Location Tourists’ OnSite  (2007)

Roesch, S.

Over the last decade, film location tourism has been established as a niche segment in the tourism industry. While this niche has attracted attention from both researchers and marketers alike, not... read more

Visitor counters in parks: management practice for counter calibration (Technical Series 33)  (2005)

Ross, J.

There are numerous reasons why visitor counting instruments systematically under- or over-count. ‘Calibration’ involves adjusting counters so that they reflect estimates of numbers of... read more

Yardstick: do your parks measure up?  (2003)

Rutherford, C. & Wilson, P.

A New Zealand-wide park benchmarking initiative established in 2001 (called Yardstick) is discussed. The benchmarking pitfalls, process design, and the use of the information from the benchmarking... read more

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