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Language and Perceptions of an Adventure Location in New Zealand  (2002)

Ryan, C. & Ruthe, J.

This paper is based upon a sample of 235 Kiwi Experience holidaymakers staying at least one night at a lodge that provides not solely accommodation but also a range of adventure tourism activities... read more

Claims-making and rhetoric in the contest between conservation and recreation : the case of the Wainui Marine Reserve proposal  (1995)

Ryan, R. J.

In this thesis I examine the tension between conservation and recreation which arises from the environmental impacts caused by recreationists, on protected natural areas. The tension is often... read more

Ecotourism – what's in a name?  (1998)

Ryan, B.

Despite the considerable ecotourism literature, and the size and economic value of the nature-based sector le tourism industry which lays claim, in full or in part, to the ecotourism label... read more

Environmental Management and Natural Resource Allocation Frameworks of New Zealand, Sweden and Finland: A Comparative Description  (2005)

Salmon, G., Sundström, M. & Zilliacus, K.

The purpose of this paper is to provide a comparative description of the main features of the environmental management and natural resource allocation statutory frameworks in New Zealand, Finland... read more

Reviewing the changing face of financial reporting: The case of a public benefit entity  (2007)

Samkin, G. & Schneider, A.

Purpose: This paper takes an exploratory approach to investigating the relationship between accountability stakeholder and legitimacy theory in public benefit entity. It explains that while the... read more

Condensation in Glow-worm Cave, Waitomo, New Zealand  (2001)

Schmekal, A. A. & de Freitas, C. R.

Understanding cave microclimates is critical for managing a cave environment. A reliable method of measuring condensation within the Glow-worm Cave, Waitomo, New Zealand is described. The results of... read more

Fantastic mountains on our doorsteps: touristic place promotion and urban identity in Christchurch  (1998)

Schollmann, A., Perkins, H., and Moore, K

Place promotional theory is often concerned with the nature of the post-industrial city and the making of heritage products from industrial remnants. The debate emphasises the sameness of... read more

The Crystal Ball Issue 11 (Volume 1)  (2003)

Mountain Safety Council

Risk Management for Mountain Guides: New directions and attitudes for European Guides in avalanche terrain. The 2002 Avalanche Accident and Damage Summary Keywords: Safety, Avalanche, Mountain... read more

Shooting fish in a barrel: Tourists as easy targets  (2008)

Shelton, E.J. & McKinlay, B.

This chapter describes some aspects of the relationship between wildlife, particularly yellow-eyed penguins (YEPs) (Megadyptes antipodes), and visitors at Sandfly Bay, Otago Peninsula, New Zealand... read more

Summertime Visitors to Kaikoura: Characteristics, Attractions and Activities  (1998)

Simmons, D.G., Horn, C., Fairweather, J. R.

This report presents an analysis of summertime visitors to Kaikoura. Detailed information is presented on descriptive visitor characteristics, the attractions of Kaikoura, and activities undertaken... read more

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