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This section includes abstracts of completed and published research. This section encourages the submission of a wide range of research publication types from conference PowerPoint presentations to peer-reviewed journal articles and including publications in draft and in press.


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Tourism Planning Toolkit For Local Government  (2006)

Tourism Recreation Research and Education Centre, Lincoln University

The development of a Tourism Planning Toolkit for local government is a collaboration between the Ministry of Tourism, Local Government New Zealand and Lincoln University. The Toolkit brings... read more

Student perspectives on school camps: A photo-elicitation interview study  (2008)

Smith, E. F.

First-hand narrative accounts of participants’ experiences during outdoor programmes are notably absent from the outdoor education literature. This thesis reports on an exploratory study... read more

A significance assessment method for river values: A report outlining the relevant New Zealand and international literature  (2009)

Smith, E

This report summarises the relevant New Zealand and international literature regarding the methods used to assess river values. It was compiled at the request of Ken Hughey, Lincoln University, to... read more

The Role of Alcohol in Drowning and Boating Deaths in the Auckland Region  (1999)

Smith, S. G. et al.

A number of overseas studies have suggested that alcohol is an important factor in boating fatalities and other drownings. However little is known regarding the extent of the problem in New... read more

Key Results of the 2007/08 Active New Zealand Survey  (2008)

Sport NZ

Active NZ is a new national physical activity survey. Consequently, it sets a benchmark in how we will monitor participation in sport, recreation and physical activities among New Zealand adults. ... read more

Sport NZ: Outdoor Recreation Review Initial Findings Report (July 2008)  (2008)

Sport NZ

In 2006 the outdoor recreation sector indicated to Government that a review of the outdoor recreations sector was needed. The sector was described as ‘rudderless’, fragmented and... read more

Community Recreation Opportunity Planning Process: An alternative planning and management tool  (2008)

Spittle, T. H.

Rural communities often have different community recreation opportunities than urban areas. The aim of this research is to examine one rural community’s recreation opportunities and develop... read more

Getting Set For an Active Nation: Report of the Sport, Fitness & Leisure Ministerial Taskforce  (2001)

McConnell, R. Prof.

Sport, fitness and leisure are inextricably linked with New Zealand life, our daily routines and overseas perceptions of our nation. Getting Set provides a crossroads for New Zealand recreation and... read more

An Assessment of Trampling Impact on Alpine Vegetation, Fiordland and Mount Aspiring National Parks, New Zealand  (2007)

Squires, C

The objectives of this study were two fold. The first was to quantify the nature and extent of current levels of human impact in alpine areas at four sites within Fiordland and Mount Aspiring... read more

Vehicle impacts on the biota of sandy beaches and coastal dunes: A review from a New Zealand perspective (Science for Conservation 121)  (1999)

Stephenson, G

Previous research into vehicle impacts on the biota of sandy beaches and coastal dunes in other countries is summarised, and is examined for its relevance to the management of these resources... read more

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