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This section includes abstracts of completed and published research. This section encourages the submission of a wide range of research publication types from conference PowerPoint presentations to peer-reviewed journal articles and including publications in draft and in press.


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The New Zealand common dolphin (Delphinus sp.) – Identity, ecology and conservation  (2008)

Stockin, K. A.

Common dolphins (genus Delphinus) are poorly understood within New Zealand waters. Prior to this study, most information relating to the taxonomy, population structure, diet and pollutant loads of... read more

Visitor perceptions of aircraft activity and crowding at Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers (Science for Conservation 94)  (1998)

Steve Sutton

Both Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers are popular tourist destinations on the West Coast of New Zealand, with total visitor numbers of 175 000 per annum, a figure that is anticipated to increase in... read more

An approach to more integrated planning and management of tourism in natural areas: a case study of the Caltins in New Zealand’s wild south east.  (2006)

Taylor, N & Gough, J

Paper presented to the 12th International Symposium on Society and Resource Management, Vancouver 3-8 June, 2006. Natural areas attract considerable tourism growth, with increasing public concern... read more

Utilitarian Cycling: Investigating Latent Demand in Christchurch, New Zealand  (2009)

Taylor, K. J

Christchurch, New Zealand, has relatively low rates of utilitarian cycle use. Six percent of commuters cycle so there is considerable potential for increasing utilitarian cycling, cycling for the... read more

Central Plains Water Enhancement Scheme Social Impact Assessment  (2007)

Taylor, N, Fitzgerald, G, Perkins, H, Buckenham, B

This social impact assessment (SIA) of the Central Plains Water (CPW) irrigation scheme (the scheme) identifies potential positive and negative social effects for people and communities during... read more

Social and economic impacts of Kahurangi National Park (Science for Conservation 119)  (1999)

Taylor, N, Gough, Warren, J, McClintock, W

Kahurangi National Park was gazetted in 1996. This report considers the social and economic effects of the Park on local economies, tourism and recreational use, management issues and interactions... read more

Impact assessment as part of integrated planning and management of tourism in and around natural areas (Poster paper for the IAIA Conference, 2007 in Seoul)  (2007)

Warren, J, Taylor, N, Gough, J, Blaschke, P & Baily, M

In relation to Research Project: Tourism in New Zealand relies heavily on nature-based resources, with consequent impacts on... read more

Interpreting Culture: Visitors’ Experiences of Cultural Landscape in New Zealand  (2004)

Thompson, A

This thesis examines visitors’ awareness and experiences of cultural values for natural areas of importance to Māori. The South Island/Te Wai Pounamu contains natural landscapes with scenic... read more

Tourism Concessionaires: An exploratory study of concessionaires who actively contribute to conservation in New Zealand  (2005)

Thompson, A

Tourism is very focused on the natural environment in New Zealand and public conservation lands have been recognised as a vital component of the tourism product. However, does conservation in New... read more

Analysis of Visitor Information/Interpretation Needs at Mount Cook Village  (1996)

Tourism and Leisure Consulting Group-Ernst and Young, New Zealand

Visitors are broadly classified into three main groups Predominantly short stop trips. Self-reliant recreationists. Free and independent travellers. Approximately 70% of both day and overnight... read more

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