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Tourism Development and Enterprise Opportunities on the West Coast Associated with Track and Water Resources  (2007)

Tourism Resource Consultants

The West Coast of the South Island contains rich natural sea and landscapes of which many visitors are now travelling to see. There are several feature attractions such as the glaciers, the... read more

Boat Preference and Stress Behaviour of Hector’s Dolphin in Response to Tour Boat Interactions  (2008)

Travis, G-R

Dolphins are increasingly coming into contact with humans, particularly where tourism is involved. It has been assumed that such contact causes chronic stress on dolphin populations. This study... read more

Environmental Indicators of Tourism Impacts on Natural West Coast Assets, Aotearoa New Zealand.  (2001)

Urlich, S, Ward, J. C., Hughey, K

We examined the environmental effects of visitor activities at three different natural assets (scenic icon sites, seabirds, and caves) on the West Coast of the South Island, New Zealand. To catalogue... read more

Outdoor Walking Access: Consultation Document  (2006)

Walking Access Consultation Panel

Following Cabinet approval of the policy for a walking access bill, the Associate Minister for Rural Aff airs made substantial progress towards draft ing legislation that would give eff ect to these... read more

Outdoor Walking Access: Analysis of Written Submissions  (2007)

Walking Access Consultation Panel

The Walking Access Consultation Panel welcomed public comment on its consultation document Outdoor Walking Access at public meetings and in written submissions. The Panel was very impressed with the... read more

Development of environmental indicators for tourism in natural areas: A preliminary study  (1995)

Ward, J. C. & Beanland, R. A.

Tourism is both a major contributor to global, regional and local economies and a contributor to human stress on the environment. It can provide an economic justification for conservation and, by... read more

Methodologies for Measuring Thresholds of Change from Tourism Impacts on New Zealand Natural Assets  (2004)

Ward, J. C. & Hughey, K. F.D.

Keywords: Conservation,   Fox River, Punakaiki, Caves, Caving, Outdoors, Tramping, Walks, Tracks, Department of Conservation, Tourism, Tourism impact, Kaikoura, Fur Seal, Wildlife... read more

Interactions Between Tourists and the Natural Environment: Impacts of Tourist Trampling on Geothermal Vegetation and Tourist Experiences at Geothermal Sites in Rotorua  (2000)

Ward, J

The main objection of this research was to evaluate tourist impacts on geothermal vegetation and to examine visitor’s attitudes towards their impacts on vegetation. Two commercially operated... read more

Monitoring vegetation changes at Treble Cone Ski Field, New Zealand  (2002)

Wardle, K & Fahey, B

A vegetation monitoring programme based on 30 transects was initiated at Treble Cone Ski Field in 1997 to determine the nature and extent of damage to cushionfields resulting from grooming and... read more

Great Barrier Island: a case for a participative approach to integrated destination management  (2006)

Warren, J

This case study is part of a larger research programme that aims to develop an integrated approach to planning and managing natural areas for tourism and related activities in New Zealand. The... read more

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