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This section includes abstracts of completed and published research. This section encourages the submission of a wide range of research publication types from conference PowerPoint presentations to peer-reviewed journal articles and including publications in draft and in press.


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Nostalgia-related aspects of professional sport facilities: A facility audit of major league baseball and national football league strategies to evoke the past  (2010)

Katherine Meyer

This paper focused on documenting how Major League Baseball (MLB) and the National Football League (NFL) utilize nostalgia through their sport facilities to showcase the past, present and even the... read more

People, Rivers and Recreation: Fluid Relationships of Place and Experience on the Clutha River, Otago, New Zealand  (2013)

Andrea Farminer

The relationships between people and their outdoor environments are understood as diverse, complex and often contested with the result that examining the meanings people have for places such as... read more

Sport New Zealand’s Young People’s Survey Series (Sport NZ)

Kay Haughey

Sport New Zealand’s 2011 Young People’s Survey (YPS) is the most significant piece of research into young New Zealanders’ participation in sport and recreation in more than 10 years... read more

Sport and recreation in the lives of young New Zealanders  (2012 )

Sue Walker

Sport New Zealand’s Young People’s Survey is a school-based survey of over 17,000 young New Zealanders (5 to 18 years old). The results in this initial report provide information about... read more

Methodology Report for the 2011 Young People's Survey  (2012)

Sheryl Graham

Sport New Zealand’s 2011 Young People’s Survey (YPS) is a school-based survey of over 17,000 young New Zealanders (5 to 18 years old). This methodology report describes the process... read more

Talent Development in the New Zealand Sporting Context. In Fact. Sport NZ Knowledge Factsheet Series  (2013)

Kiri Milne

This factsheet summarises the findings of a study by the University of Otago, aimed at understanding the process of talent development, as well as ‘performance factors’ that influence talent... read more

Between-day reliability of pedal forces for cyclists during an incremental cycling test to exhaustion  (2013)

Rodrigo Bini

BACKGROUND: Reliability of pedal forces during cycling specific tests needs to be established if pedal forces are to be used in longitudinal studies evaluating performance improvements. METHOD: We... read more

Elite sports policy and coaching at the coalface  (2012)

Katie Liston

  Elite sports policy and coaching at the coalface         Katie Listona*, Robin Greggb and Jim Lowtherc   aSport and Exercise Sciences Research Institute... read more

Boys and blended learning: achievement and online participation in physical education  (2013)

Nathan Walsh

The achievement of boys at secondary school in New Zealand has been a significant educational issue for decades. Many different approaches and initiatives have been used to raise boys&rsquo... read more

Ground reaction force profiles of specific jump-landing tasks in females: development of a systematic and progressive jump-landing model  (2013)

Guy Mothersole

During dynamic fast paced sports, such as netball, volleyball and basketball the body is exposed to high ground reaction forces (GRF), contributing to lower body injury occurrence during landing. A... read more

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