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New Zealand Game Hunting Values: a benefit transfer study. Land, Environment and People Report No. 23, Lincoln University.  (2010)

Geoff Kerr

New Zealand recreational hunting interests have argued that the larger introduced mammals, including deer (various species, but most prominently Red deer), chamois (rupicapra rupicapra), tahr... read more

Freedom of the hills: An exploration of the nature of freedom as it is experienced in outdoor environments  (2005)

J Straker

This research explores the subtleties of freedom and the drives of people to experience freedom in the outdoors. Recollections of freedom were gathered from people who have a professional involvement... read more

Media sport, globalisation and the challenges to commercialisation: Sport advertising & cultural resistance in Aotearoa/New Zealand  (2004)

S J Jackson, A Grainger and R Batty

The global popularity of sport has made it a powerful vehicle in the expansion of transnational commercial interests. In this chapter the authors examine the issue from a New Zealand perspective. The... read more

Knowledge, power and politics: Contesting `Evidence-based' national sport policy  (2009)

J Piggin, S J Jackson and M Lewis

This article analyses the sources of knowledge New Zealand sport and recreation policy-makers rely on when forming public policy. Specifically, utilising a Foucauldian lens of governmentality, the... read more

Athlete engagement in elite sport: An exploratory investigation of antecedents and consequences  (2009)

K Hodge, C S Lonsdale and S A Jackson

In this exploratory study, the researchers examined hypothesized antecedents (basic psychologi¬cal needs) and consequences (dispositional flow) of athlete engagement (AE); plus the extent to... read more

Sport policy development in New Zealand: Paradoxes of an integrative paradigm  (2004)

M Sam and S J Jackson

Sport policies are underpinned by particular interpretive frameworks or paradigms . These paradigms shape: a) the construction of policy problems, b) the alternative approaches to resolving these... read more

Transnational sport marketing at the global/local nexus: The adidasification of the New Zealand All Blacks.  (2001)

S J Jackson, R Batty and J Scherer

This study examines the strategies used, and the challenges faced, by global sport company Adidas as it established a major sponsorship deal with the New Zealand Rugby Football Union. In particular... read more

Sport, tribes, and technology: The New Zealand All Blacks haka and the politics of identity  (2002)

S J Jackson and B Hokowhitu

This study examines how global forces are shaping local indigenous cultures with a particular focus on the relationship between global capitalism, new media technologies, and transnational... read more

Sport and religion in Aotearoa/New Zealand  (2007)

C Collins and P J Lineham

In this chapter, the authors consider: the way in which sport could be argued to function as a surrogate religion; the notion of ‘secularisation’; the views of different Christian... read more

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