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This section includes abstracts of completed and published research. This section encourages the submission of a wide range of research publication types from conference PowerPoint presentations to peer-reviewed journal articles and including publications in draft and in press.


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Treaty principles and Māori sport: Contemporary issues.  (2007)

F R Palmer

In this chapter, the author analyses the relationship that exists between Māori and sport in contemporary New Zealand society. In particular, she considers: what the contemporary issues are for... read more

Māori sport: Pre-colonisation to today  (2007)

B Hokowhitu

The author provides a socio-cultural and historical account of Māori and sport. This chapter includes representations of pre-colonial Māori physical cultural practices that were based on a holistic... read more

The media sports cultural complex.  (2008)

J Scherer, M Falcous and S J Jackson

This article explores the interdependence of interest groups operating within the media sports cultural complex related to rugby union in New Zealand/Aotearoa. The authors scrutinise corporate... read more

Sport in 19th-century Aotearoa/New Zealand: Opportunities and constraints.  (2007)

G Ryan

The author considers: the variety of processes contributing to the transition from traditional to modern sport in Britain; different elements in the establishment of Pākehā society in New Zealand... read more

Sport and education: Sport in secondary schools for all or for some?.  (2007)

Bevan C Grant and Clive Pope

In this chapter, the authors provide an historical overview of the link between education, physical education and sport in New Zealand secondary schools. In particular, they consider: key events... read more

Sport and identity in Aotearoa/New Zealand  (2007)

Edwards, M. F.

In this chapter, the author explores the linkages between sport and social identity, from the individual through to the national levels, and provides a range of examples illustrating this... read more

Athlete engagement: II. Development and initial validation of the Athlete Engagement Questionnaire  (2007)

C S Lonsdale, K Hodge and S A Jackson

The article focuses on research which was conducted to develop a measure of engagement dimensions in athletes, to investigate the idea that preoccupation and enjoyment are athlete engagement... read more

The mass media and sport  (2007)

T Bruce, M Falcous and H Thorpe

In this chapter, the authors argue that the relationship between sport and the media is highly significant in understanding the place and meaning of sport in New Zealand life. They consider: the... read more

Classify, divide and conquer: Shaping physical activity discourse through national public policy.  (2007)

J Piggan, S J Jackson and M Lewis

The authors aim to draw attention to the role of public policy in shaping power relations discursively, and highlight how these power relations can be debilitating for particular groups in a public... read more

The sporting body: Whose body is fit for sport?.  (2007)

C Obel and R Kerr

In this chapter, the authors consider: forms of classification of bodies for sports competitions; the influence of medical discourses on definitions of sex and physical ability as they are employed... read more

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