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This section includes abstracts of completed and published research. This section encourages the submission of a wide range of research publication types from conference PowerPoint presentations to peer-reviewed journal articles and including publications in draft and in press.


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Sports advertising, cultural production and corporate nationalism at the global-local nexus: Branding the New Zealand All Blacks.  (2007)

J Scherer and S J Jackson

This paper examines a case study of advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi’s production of a television commercial for Adidas’s sponsorship of the All Blacks. Through interviews with... read more

Developing national sport policy through consultation: The rules of engagement  (2006)

M Sam and S J Jackson

  This study illustrates how the rules and practices of a task force inquiry shaped the formulation of its policy. Adopting an institutional approach, it analyses New Zealand’s... read more

Telling the truth in public policy: An analysis of New Zealand sport policy discourse  (2009)

J Piggan

Foucault’s conception of “games of truth” is used to investigate how truth in public policy is rhetorically constructed through the notion of “transparency”. Data was... read more

Producing Cultural intermediaries and the policing of electronic sporting consumption  (2008)

J Scherer

Based on interviews with the New Zealand Rugby Union’s (NZRU) cultural intermediaries, this article presents an investigation of the production of, the virtual home of the All... read more

Studying sport in society  (2007)

C Collins

In this chapter, the author considers: the significance of sport in contemporary life; ways in which sport is inter-connected with ‘social institutions’; defining sport; the connection... read more

Sport policy in Aotearoa/New Zealand  (2007)

M Sam

In this chapter, the author examines some of the theoretical and practical dimensions of government sport policy. In particular, he considers: the attributes and dimensions underpinning sport policy... read more

The coach and sport: Coach development in Aotearoa/New Zealand.  (2007)

L Kidman

In this chapter, the author considers: a paradigm shift in coach development; concepts of humanism in coaching; concepts of athlete-centred and coach-centred coaching; the current context of coach... read more

Politics, government and sport in Aotearoa/New Zealand.  (2007)

C Collins

In this chapter, the author explores the motivations and changing nature of New Zealand government involvement in sport. In particular, he considers: the ways in which sport is connected to political... read more

Theoretical perspectives in the study of sport  (2007)

C Collins

This chapter aims to provide an overview of some of the major theoretical approaches that have developed in sociology (not necessarily to examine sport or sport-related issues). Each of these... read more

Politics and sport connections  (2007)

C Collins

In this chapter, the author explores, at a broad level, some of the interconnections between politics and sport. In particular, he considers: ‘power’ as a central dimension of all social... read more

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