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This section includes abstracts of completed and published research. This section encourages the submission of a wide range of research publication types from conference PowerPoint presentations to peer-reviewed journal articles and including publications in draft and in press.


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Sport and culture: Passion and paradox.  (2007)

Rex Thomson

In this chapter, the author considers: culture and the cultural dimensions of sport; the links between sport, culture and identity; hegemony and hegemonic masculinity; the links between hegemonic... read more

Sport and foreign policy in a globalizing world  (2009)

S J Jackson

This edited book is devoted to exploring the relationship between globalisation, sport and foreign policy. Topics covered include: achieving the goals of the United Nations through sport; sport and... read more

Sport historiography in Aotearoa/New Zealand: Playing with the past  (2007)

D Booth

This chapter examines the different ways in which historians write about New Zealand’s sporting past. Proceeding from the premise that there are significant differences in the way sport... read more

Globalisation and sport in Aotearoa/New Zealand  (2007)

S J Jackson

In this chapter, the authors consider: the increased role of globalisation and its impact on sport, culture and identity in New Zealand; theories of globalisation that help explain the transformation... read more

Violence and sport in Aotearoa/New Zealand  (2007)

S J Jackson

In this chapter, the authors considers: the concepts of aggression and violence within the context of sport, including some of the basic theoretical explanations for violent behaviour in sport; how... read more

Globalisation, image politics and outdoor education.  (2004)

M Brown and L Fitzclarence

Paper presented at ‘Connections and disconnections: examining the reality and rhetoric. International perspectives on outdoor education theory and practice.’ The Second International... read more

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