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This section includes abstracts of completed and published research. This section encourages the submission of a wide range of research publication types from conference PowerPoint presentations to peer-reviewed journal articles and including publications in draft and in press.


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Olympic Education within physical education: Changing the pedagogy  (2007)

Ian Culpan

Olympic education programme coherence and coordination in New Zealand has, until recently, been somewhat lacking. In recent times the New Zealand Olympic Academy has assumed responsibility and has... read more

Validating the multimedia activity recall for children and adolescents in a large New Zealand sample  (2013)

Ralph Maddison

The aim of the study was to validate the self-report Multimedia Activity Recall for Children and Adolescents (MARCA) against accelerometry for the assessment of physical activity in New Zealand... read more

Good Practice Principles for the Provision of Sport and Recreation for Young People  (2013)

Sport New Zealand

The Good Practice Principles for the Provision of Sport and Recreation for Young People promote a child-centered and ethical approach to providing sport and recreation experiences for young people... read more

Stanmore Bay Leisure Centre – value of sport case study  (2013)

Stanmore Bay Leisure Centre and Visitor Solutions

The Stanmore Bay Leisure Centre (Auckland Council) has partnered with Sport New  Zealand to provide  a case  study on the value that the Leisure Centre provides to its... read more

AMI Round the Bays – Kio Bay Community Funzone: A Value of Sport case study  (2013 )

Sport Wellington

What happens when a community REALLY gets involved in a public sport event? Here’s what happens at Kio Bay in Wellington.. This case study is one of the first to be produced using a new value... read more

Veterans and masters sport – Sport and recreation for older people  (2013 )

Roger Robinson

In New Zealand older people have always been involved in sport and recreation. Hunting, fishing and swimming, the most recreational activities in 19th-century New Zealand, have no age restrictions... read more

Gaining and Losing Respect of the New Zealand Public: Adidas' 2011 Rugby World Cup Jersey Pricing Crisis  (2013)

Kayleigh Farquhar

As principal sponsors of the All Blacks over the past 13 years, Adidas have gone to great lengths to ensure their advertising campaigns reflect respect for the New Zealand public in relation to the... read more

The Social Phenomenon of Climate Change: Relative Vulnerability, Risk Perception and Adaptation in the Ski Industry of Queenstown, New Zealand  (2013)

Deborah Mary Hopkins

Climate change has evolved from its natural science origins to become simultaneously a physical and a social phenomenon (Hulme, 2009). While climate change can be measured, quantified and modelled... read more

Student perspectives of a place-responsive outdoor education programme  (2013)

Mike Brown

There is a growing recognition of the role that places have in influencing learning In outdoor education. Being aware of the importance of place encourages the development of outdoor programmes that... read more

Measurement of Competitive Balance and Uncertainty of Outcome  (2013)

P Dorian Owen

Competitive balance (CB) and uncertainty of outcome (UO) are central concepts in the economic analysis of sports leagues worldwide. As well as featuring prominently in the academic literature, CB... read more

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