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Undertakes research and planning for recreation in natural places. Previously an academic in the parks and recreation programme at Lincoln University. Has held executive positions on many NZ recreation and conservation NGOs. Currently (June 2012) - Chair of the NZ Conservation Authority, member of the IUCN World Commission for Protected Areas, Research Associate with Lincoln University, certified RMA Hearings Commissioner, Accredited Recreation Professional (NZ Recreation Association).

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Scoping Study for Assessing River and Lake Recreation in New Zealand

  This report scopes the issues associated with measuring river and lake recreation. Its purpose is to inform the future development of an implementation plan for assessing river and lake... read more

Attitudes towards commercial recreation on public conservation lands

The demand for, and importance of, commercial recreation on public conservation lands in New Zealand has increased rapidly in the past 30 years and commercial recreation is now (generally) an... read more

River Swimming in the Gisborne District: Application of the river values assessment system (RiVAS)

The River Values Assessment System (RiVAS and RiVAS+) was applied by a River Expert Panel to eight resource and user attributes to assess 22 known river swimming locations in the Gisborne District... read more

Exploring visitor experiences, crowding perceptions and coping strategies on the Milford Track, New Zealand

This study investigated the factors that influence visitors’ experiences and, in particular, how visitors cope in response to social impacts such as crowding. This topic was investigated via... read more

Whitewater Kayaking in Hawke’s Bay: Application of the River Values Assessment System (RiVAS)

This report presents the results from an application of the River Values Assessment System (RIVAS) for whitewater kayaking in the Hawke’s Bay Region undertaken in April 2010. This is the... read more

Rights of public access for outdoor recreation in New Zealand

This thesis explores the nature of public access rights for outdoor recreation in New Zealand. It aims to improve understanding of these rights by examining the New Zealand public policy framework... read more

Outdoor Recreation Research Stocktake: Synthesis

Stocktake of exisitng outdoor recreation research. Keywords: Outdoor recreation... read more