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Sport and Recreation and the Links with Socio-economic Background: 2011 Young People’s Survey Research Project 1901
Good Practice Principles for the Provision of Sport and Recreation for Young People Research Completed 1893
Gaming Funding into the Sport and Physical Activity/Recreation Sector 2012 Research Completed 1888
Chinese Sport Forum Report 2012 Research Completed 1880
Events Research Series 1853
Summary Report: Opportunities and Challenges for Peri-Urban Recreation in New Zealand’s Fastest Growing Cities Research Completed 1853
Recreational off-road vehicles destroying the environment, and others’ enjoyment of the outdoors Research Completed 1833
Commercial Partnerships Insights Report Research Completed 1829
The Strategic Development of High Performance Sport in New Zealand Research Completed 1815
Analysing an intervention for sideline behaviours Research Underway 1806
The Effects of Respiratory Muscle Training in Highly-Trained Rowers Research Completed 1803
Fishing for more understanding: A mixed logit‐error component model of freshwater angler site choice. Research Completed 1797
New Zealand Volunteers: A Snapshot Research Completed 1797
Public perceptions – issues in where we want rural New Zealand to head in the 21st Century Research Completed 1796
Identifying Preferences for Booked DOC Facilities in New Zealand Research Completed 1793
Exploring females’ perceptions of the cultural construction of gender in active outdoor pursuits in New Zealand: A phenomenological perspective Research Completed 1776
Attitudes towards commercial recreation on public conservation lands Research Completed 1766
Rugby World Cup 2011: Evaluation Report Research Completed 1760
Athlete satisfaction and the peak event : adapting the athlete satisfaction questionnaire (ASQ) to a New Zealand setting Research Completed 1758
Sport and Recreation Recovery Programme Research Underway 1753
Whitewater Kayaking in Hawke’s Bay: Application of the River Values Assessment System (RiVAS) Research Completed 1745
2011 Chinese Sport Forum Evaluation Research Completed 1737
Competitive surfing: a physiological profile of athletes and determinants of performance Research Completed 1736
The role of action sports in post-disaster recovery Research Completed 1728
Summertime Visitors to Kaikoura: Characteristics, Attractions and Activities Research Completed 1719
Transfer: Outdoor adventure education’s Achilles heel? Changing participation as a viable option Research Completed 1719
Physical Education in Primary Schools Full Report Research Completed 1712
Southern Districts Hockey Club: 'Back from the brink' – a case story Research Completed 1709
Ranking New Zealand river values – a novel approach to managing the ‘chalk and cheese’ problem Research Completed 1704
The America’s Cup 2007: The Nexus of Media, Sport and Big Business Research Completed 1702
Economic Impact of Hosting 2015 Cricket World Cup Games in the Nelson-Tasman Research Completed 1700
Sport means ‘family and church’: sport in New Zealand Pasifika communities Research Completed 1699
National Golf Facility Strategy Research Completed 1695
The Effect of Reduced Ankle Dorsiflexion and Ankle Bracing on Lower Extremity Mechanics in Elite Secondary School Netball Players Research Underway 1693
Development, reliability and effectiveness of the Movement Competency Screen (MCS) Research Completed 1688
Physical Inactivity Prevails in Later Life Research Completed 1688
Gaming Funding into the Sport and Physical Activity/ Recreation Sector 2012. In Fact. Sport NZ Knowledge Factsheet (4) Research Completed 1686
The New Zealand Coaching Workforce Literature Review Research Completed 1676
‘Kia angi puku to hoe I te wai’ Ocean noise and tourism. Research Completed 1676
Outdoor Recreation Research Series 1672
Regional Profiles: 2013/14 Active New Zealand Survey Research Project 1670
New Zealand Rugby Players' Association Retired Players Research Project Research Completed 1669
Factors influencing the success of Bay of Plenty Secondary School Volleyball Research Underway 1668
In Fact 6: New Zealand's Coaching Workforce Research Completed 1660
Conservation Benefits of Public Visits to Protected Islands Research Completed 1652
Treaty principles and Māori sport: Contemporary issues. Research Completed 1652
Obstacles to Action: A Study of New Zealanders’ Physical Activity and Nutrition (Overview Report) Research Completed 1648
Tena koe, no ngati skateboarder ahau – understanding this unique urban culture in any CBD Research Completed 1640
Active Communities Project: a Case Study of the East Research Completed 1639