Searchlight Report – Recreation Wellington Southern and Eastern Area Research Completed


Searchlight Report – Recreation Wellington Southern and Eastern Area

Lead Author

Cockburn, R & Thompson, R


Provided for Recreation Wellington by Lumin Ltd

Publication Year



Lumin Ltd


Esther Bukholt, Programmes Transition Manager, Recreation Wellington:

Robyn Cockburn, Lumin Ltd:


Recreation Wellington manages and delivers its programmes, services
and facilities using an area model, designed to closely align provision to
the needs of local communities.

This report contains a community and market analysis that identifies key
features of each area, highlights consequences for recreation and
presents opportunities and markets that are currently available to
Recreation Wellington.

The analysis uses secondary research, including data from a range of
national, city-wide and local sources including Census, Department of
Labour Workplace information, Quality of Life information, Community
Housing, Aquatics Facility Plan, Aquatic Facilities Partnerships with
Schools report, secondary school sport data. A detailed list is include in
the methodology section at the end of the report.

The report is intended for area, programmes and facility personnel,
enabling them to further interpret the data, confirm recreation markets,
identify opportunities and develop service and programme solutions.


Wellington, Recreation Wellington, Community, Market analysis, Planning, Schools, Partnerships, Facilities, Facility usage, Demographics

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