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Environmental and socio-demographic associates of children's active transport to school: A cross-sectional investigation from the URBAN Study

Melody Oliver

Active transport (e.g., walking, cycling) to school (ATS) can contribute to children’s physical activity and health. The built environment is acknowledged as an important factor in... read more

The association between church attendance and obesity-related lifestyle behaviours among New Zealand adolescents from different Pacific Island ethnic groups

Ofa A. Dewes

This study identified and described the risk factors for and protective factors against obesity among Pacific Island adolescents who attend church and compared them with Pacific Island adolescents... read more

Spinal movement and the risk of low back pain in New Zealand cricket pace bowlers

Peter D Milburn

The aim of this study was to examine standard range of motion tests employed by physiotherapists to describe how the spine moves in relation to the pelvis in cricket players. Overall the results... read more

Contributing factors toward an understanding of local sport club partnerships: A study of partnership forming behaviour in Australia, Canada and New Zealand

Burley, Peter

Due to complex and dynamic economic, social and community pressures, there is increasing merit in local sports clubs pursuing partnerships. The purpose of this research is to examine the dynamics of... read more

Recreational off-road vehicles destroying the environment, and others’ enjoyment of the outdoors

Mason, B. J.

This paper discusses the issue of off-road vehicle damage to New Zealand’s lightly formed and unformed rural roads, as well as protected areas, and notes adverse impacts of vehicle use on the... read more

Training habits and injuries of masters' level football players: A preliminary report.

R Newsham-West

The aim of this research was to profile training habits and injuries in football players participating in a national Masters tournament. A cross-sectional retrospective study design was used to... read more

Understanding of sport concussion by the parents of young rugby players: A pilot study

S J Sullivan

Objective of the research was to establish the knowledge and beliefs of the parents of male high school rugby players about concussion injuries. Two hundred parents were interviewed using a... read more

Social support for youth physical activity: Importance of siblings, parents, friends and school support across a segmented school day.

Maea Hohepa

This study examined the importance of perceived encouragement from parents, siblings/cousins, friends, and schools on participation levels across three time-specific activity opportunities that are... read more

Self-reported physical activity levels during a segmented school day in a large multiethnic sample of high school students.

Maea Hohepa, Robert Scragg, Grant Schofield, Gregory S Kolt and David Schaaf

A cross-sectional sample of 12-18-year-old students (n=3471) were recruited from low socioeconomic status high schools within South Auckland. The aim was to establish how active youth are across... read more

Evaluation of the national ‘Push Play’ campaign in New Zealand – creating population awareness of physical activity.

A. Bauman

This paper describes the impact of an initiative to increase physical activity at a population level in New Zealand. A media-led, community-wide intervention campaign was initiated by the Hillary... read more

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