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Sport and Active Recreation in New Zealand: 16-Year Adult Participation Trends, 1998-2014

Sport New Zealand

This report uses data from three ‘point in time’ national Sport NZ surveys to examine participation trends over a 16-year period: the 1997/98 New Zealand Sport and Physical Activity... read more

Enthusiasm expected; experience not essential: New Zealand sporting event organisers and the volunteer workforce

Keywords: Sport, volunteers, volunteer management, event organisers   This study examines the impact of volunteers on the delivery of New Zealand sporting events and the management of the... read more

Hauraki Gulf Marine Spatial Plan. Commercial and Recreational Fishing. Factsheet July 2014


Sea Change – Tai Timu Tai Pari is about ensuring the Hauraki Gulf is a healthy, productive and sustainable resource for all users.  This is one of several project factsheets outlining key... read more

Gaming Funding for Sport and Physical Activity/Recreation 2012: Auckland Region. Sport and Recreation Knowledge Series. Short Report

James Heffield for Sport New Zealand and Auckland Council

Auckland Council and Sport New Zealand commissioned this analysis of gaming society funding distributed to the Auckland region by the four societies that distribute the majority of grants to the... read more

Wellington Cycling Demand Analysis

Wellington City Council

This report explores the data collection, analysis methods and results of a Wellington City Council cycling survey carried out between March and June 2014. Using latent class logit modelling... read more

Prosocial behaviour in adolescents : classroom and sport specific environments

Olivia Baudinet

Research has found that participation in sports is positively associated with physical health, academic achievement, and social wellbeing. New Zealand lacks studies in this area, particularly in an... read more

Physical activity profiling of New Zealand adults: A study of adults with and without young children

Lisa Mackay

The author investigates physical activity in adults with and without young children. Topics include measuring physical activity in adults with young children, and the various dimensions of... read more

Gaming Funding into the Sport and Physical Activity/ Recreation Sector 2012. In Fact. Sport NZ Knowledge Factsheet (4)

Dee Lambie

Every year national gaming machine societies (Class 4 gaming) distribute a significant amount of funds to the sport and recreation sector in New Zealand.  Grants from all the gaming machine... read more

Commercial Partnerships Insights Report


Commercial partnerships and sponsorships in the sport, entertainment and art sectors are developing at a greater rate than ever before, both internationally and here in New Zealand. This report... read more

Coaches' Self-Awareness of Timing, Nature and Intent of Verbal Instructions to Athletes

  Keywords: Coaching, Feedback, Instruction, Self-Awareness, Verbal Communication  Coach development literature identifies the need for coaches to be self- aware regarding their... read more

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