A Value Proposition for the Outdoors Research Underway


A Value Proposition for the Outdoors

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Horizons Research


Outdoors New Zealand


Value Proposition Project Leader

Jaya Gibson


Outdoors New Zealand

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Email: jaya@outdoorsnz.org.nz

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Description of Project

As a community, we assume we know what value New Zealand’s outdoors sector brings to society. The advantages are many including economic, educational, health, environmental and social benefits. Yet at all levels in the outdoors community we face challenges in terms of funding, support, public perception of safety, lifestyle and so on.

Whilst we are confident of the value our community provides, it is evident that we have struggled to articulate that value in a meaningful and practical way, and have struggled to sustain support and investment from government, commercial enterprise and society at large.

How is this value quantified and qualified? How do we know that there isn’t hidden value yet uncovered? How can we be sure that these assumptions actually hold up to scrutiny?

That is the challenge. For want of a better phrase, how do we ‘sell’ the outdoors? How do we increase support and investment for the betterment of what we do without compromising what we value in the process? Is that possible without significant trade- offs? These are all types of questions we need to ask and attempt to answer.

This ‘value proposition’ project aims to address these issues. Outdoors New Zealand will lead this collaborative project in partnership with key stakeholders in the community.

The Value Proposition Project will provide quantifiable evidence that enables the outdoor community to fully understand its position in relation to the New Zealand economy and identify potential for growth for this sector.

Quantitative research of more than 2500 New Zealanders in February has provided a benchmark, which will enable the sector to measure its progress in future years and make comparisons with the outdoor industry in Australia, United States and the United Kingdom.  

Specifically it identifies the aspects of the outdoors that New Zealanders personally value and its importance to them. We asked them what would make them want to use the outdoors more and we tested key messages and the types of outdoors activity New Zealanders want to engage in now and in the future.

In addition to this quantitative research the project team has undertaken a study of global research in relation to the influence of the outdoors. Where a shortfall of information exists, it is proposed that new research will be commissioned to provide answers in areas critical to the Value Proposition.

The information gathered will be announced the World Outdoors Summit in Rotorua in November and form part of a programme that will include policy development for Government and Crown agencies, alongside a significant communications and public awareness campaign early in 2014.

The successful outcomes of this project will not only enhance Kiwis’ understanding of the true value of the outdoors, it will have them proactively engaging in the outdoors and ensuring its place as a crucial part of the New Zealand way of life. 


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